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Payday Loan in North Dakota

    "I'll earn" does this mean you are earning that now or you anticipate a job soon? If you have not been working two years with a steady income and excellent credit you will not get a conventional car loan. Only a fool goes out and buys a car that is 100% of their annual salary so save up about 5K and go out and buy yourself a good used car, no payments and you can do what every car is for, get around.

    The kind of car you can afford depends on what your other expenses are. The fact that you said "I'll earn" instead of "I earn" implies that you arent' being paid yet. Keep in mind they will take out a lot of money for taxes, insurance, teacher retirement, etc. so you can't just divide that money by 12 to find out your monthly salary. I suggest you get more information on your true expenses each month as well as take home pay each month before you decide what kind of car you can afford.

    If possible, it's best to pay cash for a car. Sometimes you need a car and can't get a safe/reliable one without financing. I have a personal rule that the financed portion of the car should not be more than 4-5 months of salary. so...I wouldn't finance more than about 12k. Less if you can. And yes, I know you won't have a very impressive car for that, but you'll only pay about 280 per month for 4 years.

    About $12,000 for 5 years

    What are you trying to buy? A house? Car? If you are trying to buy a house, you are going to need a heck of a lot more than $1200 saved up. You will also need to have been at this teaching job for 2 years North Dakota have just graduated college with your major being teaching in order to begin to qualify for a mortgage.

Credit question and wantting to buy a house?

  • Carissa Grady
    Carissa Grady
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  • Lowell Jacobi
    Lowell Jacobi
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  • Raina Zieme
    Raina Zieme
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  • Aileen Aufderhar
    Aileen Aufderhar
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  • Jewell Wolf
    Jewell Wolf
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  • Earline Grimes
    Earline Grimes
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