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    I started with a 9,500$ loan. i let it get delinquent like a dummy and the interest is eating me alive. i can only afford $70 a month right now and thats only 50 percent of my payment towards my loans and the rest goes to intrest. (for example my loan is split up into 4 sections and in one section part of what i pay is $7 per month towards my loan and $7 in intrest) at tax time i paid a grand over all my loans and STILL owe $10,600!!! I am never going to get this crap paid off. obviously when i can afford to pay more i do.and i always pay extra on my loan with the highest intrest rate. i mean other than my credit score dropping a little because of the deliquency, i have noticed lately my score goes up about 5-10 points a month. im assuming because ive been paying on time/ extra when i can. but my score would be sooo much better if i could get this crap closed! my lowest loan is $1,800. would it be better to pay extra on that to get it paid and closed rather than paying on my loan with the highest intrest? Im just at a loss. its been a year and what i owe just keeps going up. im already on fixed intrest.

    Ouch, and this is the nightmare millions of Americans find themselves in. College isnt about education these days, its just a big business. Society has made it so we need a degree to do anything, and all it does is saddle us with debt. I hope you didnt attend a private college as those are always more expensive. As with the debt try to get it paid off ASAP like you are doing. I've heard of ppl putting college loans on credit cards so then the debt goes away if you file bankruptcy. Hope you find away out of this jam :)

    I would recommend looking around banks or credit unions near you where you can find a better interest rate on a personal loan, obviously looking of something with a lower rate. I know this is counter to what everyone might say, and obviously it is a longer strain on you with the high interest rate, but don't close the loans out completely. For the smaller loan of $1,800, if you want to pay that off, go ahead that's one less thing but like you said, your credit score goes up a lot faster the longer you have loans out North Dakota LONG North Dakota YOU PAY ON TIME. This will give you a good credit history so that if in the future you need to take out a loan to purchase a home or car, the bank will be more willing to approve you since you have a good payment history. Not going to lie, they may question your few delinquent payments but if you have a long term loan and good payment history with it, it's excellent on your report and score. Definitely look into your banks or credit unions near you and get a better rate. best of luck!

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    Dawn Wuckert
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    Ava Langosh
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    Katrina Breitenberg
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