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Payday Loan in North Dakota

    The individual units should bring in about $600 each while I will be staying in one of the units. I'll use the North Dakota loan to get a 0 down payment loan with my payments being around $1,200.00 with taxes and insurance. Not an exact number but just a rough estimate. I plan on paying the whole mortgage out of pocket then with the $1,800 from rent I will put $800 towards principle and $1,0000 into a fund for repairs for the building. Is this a good investment? The property is close to Ft.Hood where I work and is in a strong rental location.

    You are forgetting you have to pay federal income taxes on the 1,800 a month. Also, the seller has to agree to go VA, which would be sort of crazy for them to agree to. You should count on needing a conventional investment loan, with at least 30k down.

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    Deron Daniel
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    Mark Greenholt
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    Arianna Waelchi
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    Aurelia Glover
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    Hank Mohr
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    Seth Wilderman
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