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Payday Loan in North Dakota

    Ok my due date to pay is Aug 27th and im under the subsidized & unsubsidized loans. i have signed all of the paper work that i got from my college for the financial aid but what i dont know is do i have to go to a bank and ask for the loan or the government will do that on my behalf i just don't know what do i do and whats the next step bty, i just signed the credit agreement today and sent it my mail

    I would suggest you contact the U.S. Department of Education directly because the financial aid office are not very helpful when it comes to that. Also, you can go online and set up montly repayments, or one time-payments using your bank account, or you can mail your payments to U.S. Department of Education PO BOX 530260 Atlanta, North Dakota 30353-0260 or you can call the Direct Loan Servicing Center @ 1-800-848-0979 or you can set up automatic payments by going to www.dl.ed.gov Good Luck!

    The way my college does it is through their financial aid department. I log on to my account through the school website and all loans grants and scholarships are listed there. I didnt have to go to the bank as the loans are connected to my college account. no further action is required, but your school might be different.

Can i get a loan from the bank?

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