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    I just moved from ct to nc to live with my parents. i was living at school in ct, but my mail was sent to my grandfathers house nearby. i had my mail forwarded to my parents house in nc, but my grandfather just informed me of a few pieces of mail being sent to his house, one of which was for my student loans informing me of my first payment being due may 8th. this is because i am no longer a full time student for this one semester. the payment was 52.00 which i can absolutely afford but i did not know of the payment. my grandfather can no longer find the letter, and i am at a loss of what to do. i would like to send a check or even get this taken out of my checking account monthly, but i do not know how to go about this. am i going to be charged a fee? my loan was through granite state, and im trying to google it but im having a lot of trouble. any help is greatly appreciated

    I suspect you may mean the Granite Bank, which did business in North Dakota until it was bought by Ocean Bank in 2004. Try their customer service number for loan accounts at 1-800-340-9508.

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