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    The UN has voted to approve a Palestinian state, and they also approved the state of Israel in the UN partition plan in 1947. You say it's not up to Israel whether the Palestinians have a state of their own, and thats true. When the UN approved of a Palestinian state in 1947 the Palestinians refused! How can the UN make a state for the Palestinian people if the Palestinian people didn't want it?!? Then again in 1993 in the Oslo accords there was another two state solution in which the Palestinians got all of Gaza and 98% of the west bank, east Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, and the Palestinians would have self rule. Seems pretty good right? The Palestinians (by which i mean Yassir Arafat) refused this deal, and once again the Palestinians were responsible for the loss of a future Palestine. Once again in 2000, at the camp david negotiations, Israel offered the Palestinians 95% of the West Bank, 100% of Gaza, East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, and Israel would give $30,000,000,000 (thats right, 30 billion dollars!!!!!) in financial compensation to the Palestinian Authority to help resettle the Palestinian refuges. What did the Palestinians have to do in order to get the Palestinian state, and all this extra things? All they had to do was end terrorism, and recognize Israel's right to exist. How did Yassir Arafat respond? Once again, he refused. Not only did he refuse this amazing offer, but he also started the second Intifada! ONCE AGAIN, in 2003 in the road map to peace, Israel would give the palestinians everything that was previously offered. What did the Palestinians have to agree to? They had to end terrorism, and end anti-Israel incitement. They couldn't even do that. The Palestinian people refused the offer once again. What conclusion can be drawn from this? The Palestinian people have shown over and over that trying to destroy Israel in order to make a Palestinian state means more to them than trying to make their state through diplomatic means. The Palestinian people keep saying that Israel is a terrorist nation and they are causing all the suffering to the Palestinian people. They say that Israel doesn't want a Palestinian state, and wants to kill them all. I'm sure that people will read this answer and say everything that i have said is a lie, and they will repeat over and over that israel is preventing the Palestinian state and Israel is the cause to all the problems. Think about it... If all of the Palestinian leaders say that they want a Palestinian state, and want to fight the occupying powers, and that all that they want is a state of their own, then why would the Palestinians refuse to keep trying to destroy Israel, even if it meant they got their state?!?!?!? If the Palestinian people got their state of their own, then there would be no more need to fight the occupying powers, right? I guess not, because killing Israelis is more important than getting their state.

    To be honest it's not up to the UN either. When the UN first started all the countries were "free" countries. Saudi Arabia was on the list but that was only because it did not support the Nazis. The UN now does NOTHING about Sudan, Somalia and other countries where true genocide by the hundreds of thousands is occurring. There is not other land to take. Israel has already been cheated by other countries as well as the UN. Israel has barely any land. Even if you compare it with Lebanon, a lot of Israel is a desert and in a sense Lebanon (tiny country) is bigger than Israel. It doesn't matter that it is a Jewish can it hold 13 million Jews? How can a Palestinian state hold 10 million palestinian Arabs? Israel will never declare an arab state without 3-4 years of interim military presence. Arafat admitted he cannot control radical groups. UN cannot control these groups. What else do they have to do. BTW what is the police anti-terrorist unit? Israelis laugh at all the police. Is this the only division they don't laugh at?

    No, Israel does not consider it a victory that there is no Palestinian state [except Jordan of course]. They would like to have a Palestinian state that is a good neighbor, that does not have in its charter the position that Israel should not be a Jewish state, but should be ruled by Palestinian Arabs as a Muslim state. Israel would be happy to accept a Palestinian Muslim state on these terms. However. both Hamas and Fatah regard Israel's land as belonging to Palestine, and want Israel overthrown. Of course Israel cannot agree to establishing a nation that wants to overthrow Israel. Israel actually withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005, leaving it to govern itself, in hopes that Gaza would become an independent, prosperous state and a good neighbor. What happened is that terrorists destroyed the facilities the Israelis had left for the use of the Palestinians, and continually shot rockets into Israel. No country can be expected to accept that; and yet Israel has not re-taken control of Gaza, but simply bombed the military sites that were being used to attack Israel. The UK was supposed to help these lands self-governing during the Mandate of Palestine era. Jordan was supposed to govern West Bank and Egypt the Gaza Strip. Now Israel is stuck with finishing the job the UK attempted during the British Mandate of Palestine: namely, get these lands ready for self-rule.

    The israeli government is using all kinds of forces to prevent a Palestinian state even if it's on a tiny piece of land. Israel can see that as it wishes to see and the facts are coming in the future and who is today feeling victorious may be will be crying later.

    Hi. To me victory is accomplished when there is peace. I happen to have a broader vision of a one state solution. "In the eyes of Israel" if you are talking about just Israeli population then they voted in Netanyahu who isn't seceding an inch to anyone else (and rightfully so.) Some people wanted Livni who was more open to that but we don't see that still happening even if Livni was elected. If you're talking Israel as the whole Jewish population then I happen to think it's probably about the same figures. My perspective is that I'm more far right with Netanyahu and not with the opinion of Livni or her supporters and definitely not anyone else who is farther left. I do not recognize "West Bank" I only recognize the proper name Judea and Samaria. I also do not reward terrorism demands for a separate state. If they have issues living next to Jewish person they cannot violently demand a separate state. If people are actually comprised of what the "Palestinians" want too they should realize that the Palestinians don't want a separate state etiher. They just want more land so they can continue their attacks on Israel. So I just hope people will "get with it" and be more united here it is in our best interest to be so, whether we are in diaspora or in Israel proper. We are not enemies of each other. We are combatting terrorism people like this and people need to stop appeasing terrorists! --------> "The Oslo Accords were a trojan horse; the strategic goal is the liberation of Palestine from [the Jordan] river to [the Med] Sea." Faysal Al Husseini Ohio Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, 24June2001 Al-Arabi Daily Newspaper 59% of Palestinians support the armed struggle against Israel even after receiving statehood with East Jerusalem as their capital. PCPO 2003 margin +/- 4% 60% of the Palestinian population now wants to elect someone, Marwan Barghouti, who is serving 5 lifetime sentences for cold blooded murder. Haniyeh/Abbas/Barghouti

    Use your brains Son, I know you have plenty. You see the Palestinians have tried each and every possible combination to get their land back. The Gazza Holocaust was a time bomb set to destroy the foundations of Jew Israel. See, until now the Jews were trying to fool us about how much they've been abused or persecuted in the past and suddenly .... Capow!!! the world discovered that they were just sh!tting us, big time! Reports of the so called "Jewish Holocaust" started leaking on the Net, The Vatican speaking the truth, greedyMFs that infest our economic system get tried for fraud, filth within the ranks of their rabbis et cetera. This whole jew theory fell on the ground like a rotten tomato. So yes the jews lost big time and that's only the start of that ripple effect. To be continued ... Steel

    For a tiny portion of Israels society yes but the overwhelming majority of Israels population would be happy to say good riddance to the WB unfortunately what happened with Gaza shows us what would happen if we totally withdraw from the WB The question is,Is everyday that the Palestinians do not have a state of their own, seen as a victory in the eyes of the Palestinians.I wont bother posting links with their stated goals because you're obviously well aware of the history.

    Not at all. israel would be much happier and safer with a viable palestinian state next door. the UN approved a state in 1947, and the palestinians refused. the offer is not open indefinitely. they can declare independence when they have a unity government. as long as fatah and hamas are in their civil war, there is no one to declare independence.

    Arieh, I don't think it is, or ever has been the intention of the Israeli government to let the Palestinians have their own state. At first I thought it was a case of a swimmer dipping his toe in ice cold water, gearing himself for jumping in, but never really making it because he is afraid of the cold. But now I realise it isn't that at all. They have been biding their time, making the conditions just right so they can say, look, a Palestinian state is no longer an option. They want them out, and that is a fact. So, in the eyes of the Israeli government I would have to say yes, and probably in the eyes of quite a few Israeli citizens as well. ------------ I would like to see a unity government in Palestine, working in concert to iron out what needs to be done to form a viable state, but I have to say what is on offer is pretty unacceptable at the moment ( who would want a state dotted with settlements, and slashed through with Jewish only roads, and road blocks? I can't even begin to imagine how that would work. also, there are border issues, trade issues and I don't know what all else. It seems to me, there are many obstacles, some of them created purposely by Israel). Also the fact that Israel and the US refuse to cooperate with a government freely elected by the people of Palestine is a huge sticking point.

    They rejected their state, their ticket has expired, the PLO and Hamas are terrorist groups comitted at destroying Israel the same the Arab armies were committed and still are, time for the Israeli Initiative:

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