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    I feel ya, Work is hard even for vets with all the experience in the world. If you go to the VA's website at www.VA.gov and click contact us/ask a question they might be able to assist you. Or call toll free at 1-800-827-1000. I wish i had a foundation i could connect you with to help out. Hell maybe i'll start one. Statistic: Ohio estimates that 107,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. If this statistic sickens you like it does me, then start becoming involved with veterans and help them

    Wow 400 whole dollars huh.

Honesty time, how poor are you in our "great economy"?

  • Jason Kuhn
    Jason Kuhn
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  • Chadrick Altenwerth
    Chadrick Altenwerth
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  • Garfield Gislason
    Garfield Gislason
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  • Tatyana Skiles
    Tatyana Skiles
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  • Jeremy Jacobs
    Jeremy Jacobs
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  • Edmond Hickle
    Edmond Hickle
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  • Cordelia Watsica
    Cordelia Watsica
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  • Kianna Pfeffer
    Kianna Pfeffer
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