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    I got married in April 2008. As a result, my wife and I received over $44,000 in cash from various people as gifts. The monies were received from friends and relatives in the US and abroad via direct cash deposits and cash transfers into my checking accounts. All of the individual transactions were $10,000 or less. Do I pay U.S. federal and Ohio State/NYC taxes on these monies received? And what kind of documentation do I need to provide to prove that these monies were wedding gifts? I am working with my CPA, but I'm being told that I will get flagged, because I have large cash deposits and transfers hitting my checking accounts.

    You can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 they might be able to help. For the future you can try FileLate.com: you will be able to file all you late and current tax returns here and they will answer all questions you have. I use this online service do my taxes and I can always go back to them for any questions, Good Luck :-)

    Gifts are never taxable to the recipient. If you do get questioned, simply showing them a copy of your marriage license proving that you got married at that time should be sufficient evidence to prove that your deposits were wedding gifts. (Direct cash deposits and cash transfers into your accounts? Really???)

    Those are gifts and not taxable to you.

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