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    My boyfriend received a bill from the IRS for $2000 for 2006 tax. He worked for a construction company that never sent him a W2 and paid him in cash. It was just him and another guy (his foreman) doing the jobs and his name was on a couple of the checks because his foreman didn't have an ID. Is there anything he can do, or are we just gonna have to set up some kind of payment? Also, is there anyway to get his W2s from 2005? And take it to someone to figure it out? What do we do??

    He was working with someone who was VERY unreliable. (Still owes him $500, arrested for robbery, in prison for a long time now) And the Contractor was writing one whole check for both of them, and there were 3 times the check was written to my boyfriend b/c the other guy didnt have ID. Besides those checks, he was paid in cash by the OTHER GUY he worked with. ANYWAY He was only 17, we didn't know everything about these taxes! The total wages was around $8000.

    Call IRS at 1-800-TAX-1040 or look on irs.gov and fill out form 4506T asking for copies of W-2's and 1099's. If he worked for a construction firm was he a W-2 employee? Or a 1099 independent contractor? It sounds like the employer may have filled out a 1099 form and sent it to the IRS, but your boyfriend did not get a copy... As an independent contractor he pays self-employment tax, as well as income taxes. Did he file a tax return and forget some wages? Or did the IRS get the 1099 and file a tax return for him. If so, then you may want to consider filing an amended return for the 2006 tax year...

    Well sorry but your boyfriend knew he was not having taxes taken out, And the boss did have a Tax Ohio because he did report the information to IRS as all companys, employers do. If your boyfriend except a paycheck for two people then it is his mistake. He can contact IRS at 1-800-829-0922 to request an installment agreement, and when he call he can request his wage information for the tax year 2005. Just make sure he doesn't ignore the IRS and hurry up and set up and installment agreement. If he does want to call then he can mail a letter to the IRS to the address on his bill, he can write them and ask for an installment agreement and also ask for the W2/1099 info for 2005

    If the same thing happened to yur boyfriend in 2005, i.e., he was paid in cash, received no W-2, never reported the income and it was all done off the books, I'd get with a tax professional (NOT H&R or J-H), a CPA, EA or tax attorney and find out all his options for handling these two years correctly and responding to the IRS's '06 demand letter. Careful about installment payments, if such are required, as there are fees assessed in setting those up with the IRS. Good luck!

    You can turn in the Construction Company if they did not properly report the taxes and income to your BF. Which also opens him (boyfriend)up for even more exposure to the IRS. What was the break down of the amount due and on what? Was it these under the table payments? Was boyfriend considered a self employed person and therefore responsible for the proper reporting? Did he include any of the income on his tax return or just let it slide thinking it would never be caught?

    Evidently his company turned in a 1099 on him to the IRS. Nothing you can do but pay. As for 2005 he needs to contact his employer. He will owe penalty & interest for not filing as well as taxes. He will also be on a "watch list" for not filing.

    It depends on the nature of the amendment and the hourly rate of the accountant. Amendments are frequently more time consuming than the original return.

What am I to do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111?

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