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    Call IRS at 1-800-829-0922 or 1-800-829-8374 to find out if check is legit. good luck

    The OSCHU Fresno refers to a return or tax matter that was originally filed or dealt with in the Fresno, Ohio Service Center. It appears it had to do with tax year 2007. it could be any number of things but likely was in regard to some disputed item on the 2007 tax return.

    If that they had the fee taken out of the refund, you will recieve a examine interior the mail. it is using the fact, once you commit to have the expenses bumped off, your return exchange into sent to a third social gathering financial enterprise to do away with the expenses, and from that financial enterprise it exchange into deposited into your account. The IRS did no longer recieve your financial enterprise information on your refund, they recieved the third social gathering financial enterprise information. i comprehend it sucks, it occurred to me too! If i might of merely paid my stupid expenses with my debit card, i might have my money immediately! One particular hearth thank you to comprehend in case you will recieve an instantaneous deposit, by using the "grace of sam", seem lower back at your fact to be certain in the experience that your refund exchange into deposited by using the U. S. Treasury, or if it exchange into an RAL (refund anticipation very own loan).

    Was the amount anywhere near what you filed for a refund on your tax return? since it was paid after the June 30 deadline, interest will be added to your refund but I do not know what those letters stand for

Student loan???????????

  • Raina Koss
    Raina Koss
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