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    To answer the question you asked "yes", that is what is called a secured credit line and if all the payments are made on time which you just stated would be because they are automatically withdrawn then your credit would build itself to 800. Now there are ways that will speed that up, one being if you use less than 1/3 of your credit limit which would be 1/3 of the money that you deposited, another would be a few secured credit cards, same rule applies about the 1/3 of your credit limit. Now this would be a costly way to build credit though, the smart thing to do would be to use maybe 100K for all the credit building items and invest the rest in a mutual fund, a not so risky investment that will make you around 10% per year on average, you would not need to work. Hope this helps, Bob

    It could if I paid all my past due bills! I would take the money and start over again. This time I won't let anybody slow me down. Not a single man.

    Your credit is based off of loans you take out and credit cards you have. how long u have them out and the amount of time u pay i back on time. For ex. you have a credit card for 3 yrs and never paid it late that helps your score. Having a big car or home equity loan and paying it on time helps u build up a nice credit score. Basically paying bills, credit cards, and loans on time help u build up a great score.

    Your credit score is NOT calculated by how much money you have Ohio how much money you borrow. You can be dirt poor and have a 800+ credit score.

    No, that would be very risky though. I would rather buy a stable asset such as a farmhouse, grow food to eat and sell, and save the rest of the money for working capital to grow my businesses.


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