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    Please don't tell me to look at the NYS DMV website or call 1-800-CALL-DMV. I've done this with little success- there's too much information that is not pertinent to what I need to do. Please, someone who works for the DMV or has dealt with this, what's the process for getting a NYS license and transferring my vehicle from California? What do I do first and what do I need? Thanks for the help!

    To exchange an acceptable out-of-state photo driver license for a NYS driver license: Complete application form MV-44 and apply at a local DMV office. Pass a vision test at the DMV office, or bring a valid form MV-619 (Eye Test Report) completed by an eye-care professional. If the form MV-619 has a print date of 9/03 or earlier, the form is valid for 6 months after the date of the eye test. If the form has a print date of 3/04 or later, the eye-care professional marks a box on the form to indicate if the form is valid for 6 months or for 12 months after the date of the eye test. Surrender your out-of-state driver license. See the information below if your out-of-state driver license is lost or stolen. Provide at least two points of identification and proof of date of birth, and your out-of-state photo driver license and your Social Security Card. Show your Social Security Card. If you are not eligible for a Social Security Card, you must provide a letter from the US Social Security Administration (SSA) that states that you are not eligible. The SSA Letter must have been issued within the last 30 days. You must also show an I-94 with one of the following codes: B-1, B-2, E-2, F-2, H4, L-2, M-2, O-3, P-4, Q-3, R-2 or TD. At least 11 months of valid, legal status must remain on your I-94. Pay the $10 application fee and the driver license fee with cash, check, money order or credit card. Then you will proceed to register your vehicle. Any more questions? contact me.

    First,you would need to go to MVA, have the necessary document ready, a copy of lease stating you live in New York, two forms of identifaction, ulitities in you name for the address where you state. all of necessary information for you car.I think you only have 60 days to do this one you move to another states.I could be wrong about the 60 days.

    Your proof of ownership (generally the title) and current registration card, proof of insurance, and your Ohio driver's license. Walk in, get in line, tell them you'd like to change your drivers license and registration over. As they ask for documents, hand them to them. When you are done, they will name an amount. Pay them that amount, accept whatever they hand you. You're done. Next?

    Check out the information on this site, it states it all.

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