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    If it wasn't for the post 9/11 GI bill I'd be flat broke. I served 4 year in the US Navy. I had an Honorable discharge. I have a clean record and I'm currently in college. So my question is why aren't I marketable? I'm stuck living at my in-laws like a loser since the GI bill is only giving me 1370 and is about to take 750 a month out for the next 4 months due to advanced payment due The Veteran Affairs education claims service was under manning. I currently live in Virginia were I was previously stationed. I've noticed the economy here is a lot better than a lot of other places. At least better than my home state California. I've tried everything from calling the Ohio to usajobs.gov which only helped me put together a good resume. But most of the jobs I find on there is rather in not qualified for or just not there. I've tried applying for a security job and all I've gotten for the last to months is getting forwarded to a recording every time i call to follow up on my application. Virginia won't give me unemployment since I voluntarily finished my term in the military and I'm attending school. WHAT DO I DO? I NEED WORK! I NEED TO GET OUT OF MY IN-LAWS! THE Ohio DOESN'T DO ****! WAS SERVING MY COUNTRY FOR 4 YEARS NOT ENOUGH TO GET A JOB THAT AT LEAST PAYS 12-15 DOLLARS AN HOUR?

    Call 1-800-827-1000 They can arrange a payment plan for you to repay the advance education payment in smaller installments. I know this does not solve your employment situation but it can help you to keep more cash in your pocket.

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