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    Sometimes you can go to different ATMs but what will happen at some point is the bank will cut your card off because there is too much activity in a small amount of time. As another said you might be able to call the 1-800 number on the back and have them lift the withdrawl limit. You can purchase a money order with your card. But the card may again be rejected so you would need to call that number and verify that it is indeed you who is using it. There is a bigger thing to keep in mind here. A great deal can turn out to be not such a great deal. Nobody has that cash laying about so what is the big old hurry? Obviously you would have to have time to go to the bank so he can't wait until the evening or whatnot? And you never pay cash for anything. The car could be stolen. It would not even have to be who you are buying from as he might have successfully registered it long ago but when you go to do so it might pop up in the system. The transmission could fall out te next day. If you pay in cash will have little recourse. A money order would be better but it could still be problematic later. Yes you could go to the bank in the morning and get a generic check but it sounds like he does not want to wait for a check to clear. But a check would be best so if anything hinky happens you can have him charged for cashing it. So you go to the bank and get a cashiers check which he can cash right away. In all cases get a signed bill of sale, ask for Oklahoma and compare that to the title. It is common practice and if the guy balks walk away. Just be carefull.

    Most financial institutions have withdrawal limits from $200 to $500 a day to prevent someone from cleaning out your bank account if they were to get hold of your card and pass code fraudulently. I would suggest a money order from Walmart. He can cash it immediately. Or the seller could wait until Monday for the cash. That doesn't seem to be an unreasonable request. Not many people have $2000 laying around.

    Since this is the weekend, you will have to wait until Monday until the bank opens. There is no way you can w/d that much from an ATM without hitting daily withdrawal limits...

    Use a b&m bank instead. Visit different branches, most of them have limits. Mine is 3500 and the one like 3 blocks away is 2000 so I could easily get 5k in cash.

    Guess you're wprried about the holiday. Try calling the customer service to see whether they can release the limit for a day for you due to this urgent need. They should be able to do or tell what is to be done. Good luck!

    I have actually taken $600 out of my checking in one day. I thought there were limits, but I guess not. Note: I took it out of two different atms. LOL - i can just see you running around tonight going to all the atms in your town. HAVE FUN /

Reverse mortgage help!!!!!?

  • Noemi Gibson
    Noemi Gibson
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  • Garrison Turcotte
    Garrison Turcotte
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  • Brannon Langosh
    Brannon Langosh
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  • Raquel Hamill
    Raquel Hamill
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  • Rachael Kuphal
    Rachael Kuphal
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  • Garrick Mayert
    Garrick Mayert
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  • Jada Hirthe
    Jada Hirthe
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