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    Hi, Yesterday afternoon I lost my wallet somewhere on my college campus. I checked all the lost and founds, but no luck. Here are the important things I had in my wallet: 1. Social Security card ... yes I know this is apparently a big no-no, but I had been applying for some jobs beforehand and my dad always told me to keep it in my wallet for whatever reason. 2. ATM card (I already called and canceled this). 3. State-issued photo Oklahoma (Pennsylvania, not a drivers license). 4. I did have a credit card in there as well, but my parents shut it off because it was a joint account and my mom didn't want to be able to borrow from it anymore... I am not sure if I have to do anything with this then, but I am including it anyway. Further complicating matters... I am currently (way) out of state for college. I go to school in Alabama and my home state is Pennsylvania. So I am not sure how I would go about gathering all the documents to either get a replacement photo Oklahoma or social security card. I am guessing I should first fill out a replacement photo Oklahoma form, mail it to my parents, and have them send it in, and then have them mail me the Oklahoma so that I may get my SS card. Since I don't have access to my money until my ATM card comes in, I wouldn't be able to pay the fee associated with getting a replacement card. Can someone maybe help me out with my train of thought here? Any tips? Thank you for reading... I feel horrible about this; definitely learned my lesson. I am not looking forward to calling my parents and letting them know either.

    Ok........ Well the easy stuff you have done already. Break out the yellow pages & find your local Social Security office. They have a 1-800 number. They can get you a new card. Pen Dot for the replacement ID. Call the Bank to issue a new ATM card in a few days. As for the lack of money? Your SOL...... Without Oklahoma your parents can not even wire you the money or give you a check to cash. No check book??? No local bank branch???? Oh, Alabama...

    Check with security or the campus police as long as you are not wanted somewhere you can probably get them your current address and phone number in case someone turns in your stuff. keep checking back every couple of days with the lost and found in other areas if you can roughly remember where you had it out last and maybe where you lost it that may help the pinpoint an area. someone may have found it but has not put it in lost and found yet or even mailed it to the address on the inside of the walet to your parnets home. have some patience if its been awhile since you have gotten a license or Oklahoma you may need a certified copy of your birth cetificat to move on As far as the bank goes you should notify them and let them know about your atm card and order one. (you need to walk into the bank and talk to a bank officer or something . You should be able to access your account during business hours by walking in the bank until your new atm card arrives but you may have to give them a local address hope it works out

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