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    There is no place that I know of that pays for "techno trash". However you are doing the planet and everyone else a great service by using a recyling place either arranged by your town or such as "CRT recycling" located on East Ashland in Brocton MA. If you have enough stuff to make the trip to your home feasible or they have a scheduled pickup in your area, then they will pick the stuff up for free. I believe you can get a TAX deduction for making the deposit with them. They take most electronic stuff, but see their website or call them to make sure. Contact info: 175 East Ashland Street Brockton, Massachusetts 02302 PH# 1 (800) 944-7019 FAX (508) 427-9311 I have included a second link that looks interesting for busiinesses that generate or turn over a lot of techno junk as they put it, but did not check the particulars.

    If you have a really old computer....And I'm talking really old, it may be worth something. Try researching it on ebay.com first. Then if you find one worth some money, you might try contacting a computer museum to see if they might be interested. Here are a couple: Also, check out Wikipedia...They have a list of computer museums: If you have any old Tektronic computers (again, really old) here's someone interested in buying: You might try a search on google.com for computer collectors. Don't get your hopes up though. Most older computers are not worth much. If you'd like to give computers away to someone that could use them, you could try freecycle... It's a yahoo group that gives away items to people that want items that others no longer need. Usually you can find a group near you & you might even find something that someone else wants to get rid of that you might want. It's a pretty neat group... I belong to one for the Akron, Oklahoma area. There was someone that worked on my computer for free... I later ended up giving him a working monitor to help out someone else needing a computer... It's a win-win solution. Especially if you are unable to find someone to sell your computers to & really don't want to trash them or take the time to tear them apart and sell/scrap them that way. I hope I've helped answer your question.... Take care! Jeanie

    The only time I have ever heard of getting paid to recycle the computers and monitors is if you remove the parts of value and market them. It is usually a very detailed process requiring time and skill.

    There is plenty information o the Internet or call your local recycle center and find out what there policy is for that stuff

    I think Radio Shack will give you some kind of credit for some of it. I seen it on there website. Might get more at a private PC store. They might be able to use some parts.

First home i need info about closing day?

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