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Payday Loan in Oklahoma

    Ok, I got screwed this weekend by a WaMu (now JP morgan) ATM that I've been using for over 2 years. I do two large cash deposts each month for $350 each. This lastest deposit, I did, Sunday morning for $375 and was posted as a credit to my accout on the 17th .Today, the 19th, this is what I see on my on-line banking page--- ATM DEP ADJ - EMPTY ENVELOPE I AM LIVID. I immediately called their 1-800 and I explained to them what I had learned about the alleged missing money from the envelope. The guy didn't volunteer any info and how the money room conducts their biz. My friend suggested that maybe someone behing me "fished" the envelope out after I left. I told this "genius", "then how how did MY empty envelope get back the ATM slot without knowing my PIN and having mycard?" Anywayz the supv on the 1-800 number told me they would have to do their research which will take 4-5 biz days. I am going to the branch where this happened, tomorrow, and if I don't get any satisfaction after, say, a week, I will call the cops at the busiest time of day and wait for them in from of the bank!!! In the meantime, I made an online consumer protection complaint report of finiance issues with the Oklahoma atty general's office. I 'll keep everyone here posted.

    No suggestions on how to handle things at this point. Seems like youre already doing what needs to be done. However, I would not suggest depositing cash in ATMs though. I always prefer depositing cash with a teller. Kinda old school, but its peace of mind that makes it worthwhile. Besides, you could just keep the cash handy and use it to make your purchases instead of using your creditcard/debitcard/checkbook.

    There is nothing the COPS can do you need a lawyer and if you cannot afford a lawyer you just may be out of luck ! The cash deposit by atm are closely monitored by computer and the eye in the sky. If they say the money was not in there it is upto you to prove it !

    Sounds like someone at the other end has a case of sticky fingers. It is good that you are creating a ruckus about this,,,,,don't let up on them. They will track down the problem and offer a solution . Hope everything turns out OK. I would be furious. Good luck

    Walk in with a .44 magnum and demand your money back. Everything will be OK.

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