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    I know this girl who is telling welfare her husband left her in order to get food stamps and now she is gonna quit her job so she can get the money too, her husband makes like 22$ an hour and she makes 10$ an hour and their rent is only 500$. I know all this cause she loves to brag about how much money they have and stuff they buy all the time. While they are by no means rich they don't need welfare at all. How do I report her? I don't have any proof except what she is telling everyone at work. Would I have to tell them who I am or could I remain anonymous?

    1To report Welfare Fraud you need to be sure that it is happening. Welfare fraud can be committed by someone selling their food stamps for cash or claiming children that they don't have. Step 2If you know or suspect someone of committing Welfare Fraud then call the Welfare Fraud Hotline at 1-800-344-8477 if you live in California. If you don't live in California then you need to find out the phone number to your nearest Welfare Agency. All Welfare Fraud investigations are conducted on a County Level in most states. Step 3If you are unable to find your local Welfare Agency office contact information please use the link I have provided in the resource section to find out more information about your state. Step 4Some states also have a form that you can download to fill out and fax to your local Welfare Agency to report Welfare Fraud. You can remain completely anonymous through all of these processes if you wish to do so. ~~

    No. Googling it seems to be the best choice. I might go ahead and report a few people I know. I have a family member with a full time job but has food stamps. She brags about it to everyone she talks too. We try to stay away from her.

    Depends on which state you're in. Every state should have a welfare reporting site.

    Go to their web site and look for the fraud link to report it. Evey state has one whether you call or submit one on line and it can be done confidentially without anyone knowing who you are.

    Call your local welfare department and ask how they would want something like this reported.

    If you're worried about the govt getting taken for a hundred dollars, why dont you make a complaint about Halliburton that defrauded the govt for 100billion dollars shot for the sky

    Here is how to do it in California. Suggest you spit on her as they drag her off to a court system that will cost Ontario $$$$$thousands to prosecute her.

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