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    I entered the sweepstakes and won it, and was sent the check and everything. My parents are hesitant to actually cash the check, however, because they obviously don't want it to bounce or anything. After doing some research, I'm almost a 100% positive that it is not a scam, but I could use some reassurance, thank you.

    @poppa B I'm sorry that you had to experience something as awful as that, but I really do not think that this sweepstakes is like that. I didn't have to give out personal information, money, no hurry to do anything, not even for taxes (I just have to file at the end of the year). In addition, it's not like a random sweepstakes saying I won, I entered it and then won it. I just think that because of this, it isn't a scam, or at least that's what I have read. What do you think?

    Hi John, Yes, this is a legitimate sweepstakes and the check for $500 is real and there are no strings attached. The Valpak “Go Now” mobile app sweepstakes recently concluded and weekly winners were chosen at random. If you have any questions, email promotions@valpak.com or call 1-800-237-6266. Rebecca F. at Valpak

    Valpak Sweepstakes

    It's a scam. For propers sweepstakes I advise you to visit Crokki.

    Scam, don't do it! after cashing it, your going to be labeled as check fraud for a loooooooooong time on any bank. And wont be able to do business with them. From buying a house to financial credit. Bad record and unreliable! Plus youll end up owing more than 500 dollars in damage! EXPERIENCE IS HELL FOR Ontario :(....

    This is a scam

    No it is not

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