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    Go to the Ontario Express, and ask to talk to the manager. Do this face to face. Tell them you want to reserve the room, but you only have cash and that you'll be happy to give them the cash and deposit then likely. OBTW, if you have a bank check card that says "visa" or "master card" on it. call 1-800-holidayinn. or go to hiexpress.com you can make a reservation using that card, if you get a standard rack rate you will have until 6P.M. the evening of the reservation to cancel it without any penalty. Becareful getting package rooms or discount rooms, some of those specials can not be cancelled and will bill to the card. So, see if your folks or a friend will be willing to reserve the room. Then on the day of the reservation, be sure you arrive before 6 PM and tell the desk clerk you want to pay cash. They may need a $100 deposit to keep the phone/TV on so call ahead and confirm what their cash policy is, and yes they do take cash. They may not take cash for a reservation, but they take cash for payment on the room.

    Most hotels WILL accept cash as the guaranteed method of payment. Only downfall is be prepared to pay a large deposit. The deposit is normally refundable depending on the way you leave the room looking. If a hotel does not have a credit card to charge for room damages and missing items they are out on the amount of money it costs them to fix and replace things in the room. If you leave a cash deposit it is like a safety net for the hotel to fall on for help. Not very often do hotels get people who trash the rooms, but they have to protect themselves in this area. Unfortunately now days it is the bad people who give good people a bad name. Just make sure you save enough cash for a deposit and you are probably fine. Book directly with the hotel. The online websites will REQUIRE a credit card, but the actual hotel might not. Call around and don't be afraid to ask the hotel clerk any questions about their cash policy you may have.

    You will have a difficult time finding a property. You need a ccard for a reservation, but can make a cash deposit when you arrive if you have no credit card (Usually 100-200 per day, depending on the hotel) There is no published list, so I suggest you just start calling from the (online) yellow pages

    Particular they're going to take your money yet they frequently ask for a deposit too (which they secretly positioned on your credit card in many cases as an authorization) so as that they might ask for a money deposit in case you're in elementary terms in a position to apply money. this is how that's been at any hotel I"ve stayed in and as quickly as I worked in one in CA. We could no longer make reservations without a CC.

    Honestly, about the only ones that take cash are the ones you can rent by the hour.

    Moist nice hoels take creit cards sooo get one or try to find a whole n the wall one sory

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    Pasquale Grant
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