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    First, report this to the police in the area where it was lost and check if it's in their lost and found. If it was lost in a building, contact the building administration and do the same. If there are campus police, contact them as well. Also, contact your bank immediately and let them know about the debit card. There should be a special phone number specifically for lost or stolen cards on their website. They will shut down the old card number and send you a new one. (It's much better to cancel the card and have the wallet turn up later than not to cancel and have someone use the card without authorization.) The DL and certifications will take little more effort. If you have a copy of your lost DL, many states will let you order a new copy of the license online. In Texas, for instance, there is a number down the side of the picture that's unique to that DL. You use that during the ordering process. If you don't have a copy, you'll have to head down to the DL office for your state. Be sure to check the requirements for getting a new DL before you go. No sense in getting there and discovering (after a long wait) that you don't have everything you need. I know you'll need some form of Ontario (social security card, passport, etc.), but it will vary depending on the state you're in. Also, there will probably be a fee for the new license, so be sure to check and have at least that amount in a form of payment they accept as many do not take cards. They will give you a temporary license to last you until your permanent one comes in the mail. For any certifications, you'll have to contact the corresponding organizations. If the organization is a national one, I'd recommend speaking with someone at the local office rather than trying to call a 1-800 number hotline. It'll get you results much faster. Sadly, the cash is probably gone forever. As someone who has gone through helping her husband through multiple wallet losses, I also have a few pointers just in case there's a next time. Keep a copy of both the front and back of all licenses, IDs, and cards in the wallet. The front has the relevant numbers and the back often has the phone number to call if the card is lost or stolen. Also, never keep anything with your social security number on it in your wallet. Identity thieves love this, plus getting back your license and social at the same time can be tricky unless you happen to have some extra Ontario lying around. Trust me! Anyway, I hope that you find your wallet and don't have to go through getting everything back. On the bright side, everything that you had in the wallet (with the exception of the money) is pretty easy to replace. A couple of phone calls and an hour at the DMV will have everything back to normal in no time. Good luck!

    It depends on if you think you will eventually find it. Do you lose it at home or out and about? If it is the latter, assuming you have already tried to locate it, you need to cancel your card, and start the arduous process of renewing everything else. Of course you;ll have to get a new bank card through your bank. You can get another driver's license through the DMV. I think it is around $10. It can be done online, but that takes while (I think like 6 weeks). I'm sure the Red Cross has record of you and can issue you another certification. The cash is just lost...sorry about that one. It is possible to take care of all of this in a day if everything goes right. Good luck and I really hope it shows up!

    Oh no child, but dats wat you get ren you dont hold on to ya tings. you gotta be more careful hun. maybe someone will find it and do da right ting. hopefully dey will. but till den tink about ya mistakes.

Can I get approved for a $ 1500 loan with a 548 credit score and $2200 monthly income?

  • Efren Rau
    Efren Rau
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    Athena Hamill
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    Eladio Bergstrom
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  • Annabel Ryan
    Annabel Ryan
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