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    Money= He moved from America with £600, I had £3000 saving at that time and £900 pcm income. He used his own money on shopping for himself only, used all my money, refused to work, took my cash card and spent all the money. Then he forced me to get a loan of £8000 and a credit card of £3600. He took the credit card from me and spent it all. He used the loan and refused to work. My bank was closed due to debt , my income was going to his bank account, I had money only to buy train ticket and 99p sandwich daily while working and with my money, he was creating more debt, signing more contract and buying himself new mobile handsets, CDs, and changing his car every 2 months while having 2 car at the same time. He didn't allow me to practice with the car and get my driving license. Anyway I was so frustrated at the time. When I got pregnant, we had to go to my brother's house for 9 months, because I couldn't work, and he was telling me he couldn't find a job. After the baby was born, with the help of my brother and my father with the deposit, he finally got a job and we had our own place. He was shopping food for the house, but was refusing to give me any pocket money to keep in the house for emergency. I asked my family to bring money instead of gift to my birthday and in baby shower, and I saved that money which is £300 so far that I kept hidden in the house. He created more and more debt by not paying the bills and signing more stupid TV and mobile contracts. After 3 years of marriage, I am so frustrated. I can't go on anymore, he has borrowed money from all my family so far. He even renewed a mobile contract on my brother's name (because he doesn't have a credit and my brother agreed to get a mobile contract for him) for another 18 months without him knowing it while we are moving to America in 2 months. ( He is a US citizen). I told him when we go to America, I want to live alone because I am fed up with the fear of debt collection agencies, and unpaid bills, and the poverty he is keeping me under, he said if I leave, he will take the child from me. I told him that he is abusive and if he wants to take the child, I will report him to the police or use a shelter's help. He said "You are abusive"!, I said why do you say that? He said because you are always depressed. I told him I am going to tell the police that you threatened me several times that if I leave you will kidnap the baby and go to Germany ( which is totally true), he said you don't have any evidence. I will deny that!!! You can't prove it! and I will say to them that you are abusive! I am so depressed right now, I want to leave him and report him for abuse, but first I think they may not believe me, second I don't want to hurt him because I still love him. But I want to leave, I am next to suicidal!

    First of all honey if your in America the both of you need to understand that what your going trough is called here Domestic Violence and being that you have a child in America Domestic Violence is not tolerated now you have the right idea about the shelter in there they will counsel you for Domestic Violence and abuse and give you some parenting classes and there for your homework will be done and the child will be place with you but you have to do this fast and stop thinking about the freaking love you have for this man,like you said he can't support you and in America we call men like this LOOSERS! He is dragging you with him you can be Ontario by your self the shelter will provide help and you can even go to school here and work you do not need to waste your life with a man that is abusive you need to understand that ask for help is your first step wait no longer. Reach out you can call 1-800- abuse they will guide you trough this and find help where you at Good luck honey.

    I think that you should leave. Depression is not good for you and the child. Loving him, look at all that he does to you. He doesn't love you. If he did he would help not cause more problems, he sounds abusive, controlling, and you don't need that. Look up the work love. It means someone that cares for you and will not hurt you and make you do things you don't want to do. Move in with family, they will help you.... he can't get custody because if the court investigates they will see who is controlling everything and he won't win. Good Luck... I hope that the love for your child will help you leave him. 1 parent is better then 2 parents that can't find a common ground.

    Even an animal would not treat its mate like that. Let him loose in the woods, from what you say that is were he belongs.

    Thats sad,you shouldnt have to deal with that.i think you should seek your families help and move in with them again til you get back on your feet

    What the hell r u doing married to this guy? he taking you for a ride,get out

    You love a man who's abusive towards you and treats you like sh*t. How's that working for you ?????.....(sigh)..........

    He is a con artist and you fell for it hook line and sinker.

I stopped payment on a payday loan check .please clarify my doubt?

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