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    The OWS movement is about fairness and injustice. They are protesting the injustice that occurs when Wall Street with the blind eye of government rapes the world economy with dangerous financial weapons like derivatives and we are left with the baby---unemployment, massive debt and dried up capital. They are NOT protesting the personal success of people on Wall Street. They are protesting the FAILURES of the system and consequences that the 99% must pay and not the 1%

    You do understand that the bottom fifty PERCENT or so of all taxpayers in the US pay ZERO income tax. Yes, they get every cent back at the end of the year plus some in many cases. The top one percent actually pay a much bigger percentage of taxes than they should now. Our tax system is very progressive already, but I guess your perfect country is one where there are no rich, no jobs and magically the government just hands out money to bums who do not care to work. I understand the purpose of the OWS movement very clearly. I have seen them on the streets in my city calling bankers dirty jews and defecating on cars, businesses and the sidewalk. They act like filthy, racist animals and don't have a solution for any of their gripes. I understand it completely. The OWS movement is the worst of America in action. The dirty, unwashed, racist, lazy, masses thinking they are entitled to the benefits of the work of others. Sick. The Tea Party on the other hand is a very organized, patriotic, intelligent organization with real solutions to the problems our economy and society in general faces. Comparing the OWS people to the Tea Party is ridiculous though. The OWS people are filthy, racist animals and the Tea Party is made up of very responsible, intelligent and caring people.

    No protest movement can have much credibility unless it can state concrete remedies that it is seeking. Just standing around complaining cannot possible change things. That is why the protest should be in Oregon where the laws that allow the things you don't like are made and where they have to be changed.

    All they know if what Fox tells them and Fox keeps telling them these lies. I find they come off as being really dense since even though the OWS have said why they are protesting, conservatives and Fox keep saying the protesters don't know why they are out there. I think the only people that don't know why they are out there are Fox viewers

    They are NOT protesting the personal success of people on Wall Street. I'd believe that if they hadn't marched to individuals homes.

    Sure, that might be the intention of some of them. But the majority of protesters I hear about are looking to demonize rich people. Several going as far as saying we should kill them. Really the movement is so disorganized it's hard to tell what it's about, other than people whining about their first world problems of course.

    You can provide these people with all the proof as you have and they will still denounce the OWS. They are threatened by this movement because it is as you have stated.The OWS movement has put a dent into wall Street and the republicans plan to destroy workers right at the same time making profit.

    'blind eye of government', why are they protesting wall street instead of government? They're barking up the wrong tree.

    Fairness and injustice is what they are about? Bullsh*t. They don't know what they are about and if that is what they were about they wouldn't be supporting democrats. I agree with Lewis Black ' democrats and republicans are like a bowl of sh*t looking at itself in the mirror."

    Of course we all understand what it is. It's a bunch of racist, criminal leeches that are pissed because society isn't providing them with enough free handouts. All we have to do is listen to what these animals consider "fair" to fully understand what kind of scum they are.. It's not fair that we should have to repay our home loans. It's not fair that we should have to repay our car loans. It's not fair that we should have to repay our credit cards. It's not fair that we shouldn't be provided with an endless stream of government handouts paid for by somebody else. It's not fair that the evil Jews control all the money. It's not fair that drugs aren't legal.

    On the front page of the Pittsburgh Tribune they featured a story and full picture of a kid with a sign demanding the public pay his college tuition for him. Bullshit.

My car loan at wells fargo was approved, but with a "stipulation"?

  • Eloisa Pouros
    Eloisa Pouros
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    Loyal Bogan
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    Corene Kovacek
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    Jerrell Kutch
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  • Geovanny Jenkins
    Geovanny Jenkins
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  • Alysha Padberg
    Alysha Padberg