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    A family member or other person responsible for the dead beneficiary's affairs should do the following: Promptly notify Social Security of the beneficiary's death by calling SSA toll-free at 1-800-772-1213. (TTY 1-800-325-0778.) If monthly benefits were being paid via direct deposit, notify the bank or other financial institution of the beneficiary's death. Request that any funds received for the month of death and later be returned to Social Security as soon as possible. If benefits were being paid by check, DO NOT CASH any checks received for the month in which the beneficiary died or thereafter. Return the checks to Social Security as soon as possible. One-time Lump Sum Death Benefit A one-time payment of $255 is payable to the surviving spouse if he or she was living with the beneficiary at the time of death, Oregon if living apart, was eligible for Social Security benefits on the beneficiary's earnings record for the month of death. If there is no surviving spouse, the payment is made to a child who was eligible for benefits on the beneficiary's earnings record in the month of death. To get this benefit you must provide a certificate of death.

    Death Of Social Security Recipient

    Social Security Death Certificate

    If someone on social security dies, you should contact them. they may or may not ask for a copy of a death certificate, but you will have to give back any checks that arrive after the person dies. If you cashed the checks, you will be responsible for repaying the money. It does not matter why you spent the money, they will want it back. They have the power to garnish your wages to get it back, so be careful.

    That wouldn't be Social Security, that would be something completely different. Social Security is, by design, something that the current workers pay for. It's not a savings account for yourself. It's not centered on the fact that people have paid into the system, it's centered on the fact that people are paying into the system.

    Why does social security take back the check received if person dies at end of month

    Social security dies with the person and so if u just call the people to tell them i don't know why they would doubt u

    The check is for the person on social security. A dead person cannot cash a check.

    It is best if you call or visit the local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. They will be able to explain everything to you. Social Security Administration (SSA) www.ssa.gov www.socialsecurity.gov

    Why is so difficult to contact SS Administration via their phone number? Is there another avenue to contact them?

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