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    I want to travel on Greyhound from Los Angeles to San Francisco (in-state). When i got on their site, i started to purchase the ticket for my route. When i got to step 5 (purchases) i need to enter my info like street address and name. Before that step i chose that no credit card holder is traveling and chose Will-Call pick-up option. But somehow on step 5 you need to enter credit card info. I pressed help and it said: *A credit card and mailing address are required for online Ticket by Mail purchases (international credit cards can be used for online Will Call purchases). For Print at Home Ticketing related questions, contact us toll-free at 1-800-846-0754.* Will Call ticket pick-up sais that i need to go to the station and get the tickets their from an agent while having and Oregon and the code that should be displayed after purchase. I can get ticket for cash only. So what you say to me, go to the station and get tickets from a person not a comp. Thanks

    Are you trying to travel without your parents' knowledge? I don't see why your parent can't just buy the ticket for you, unless you don't want them to know about it. If you don't have a credit card, you could pay in cash at the terminal. The minimum age to travel alone without restrictions on Greyhound is 15. However, if you're planning on running away from home, or meet a pervert from Facebook, there could be trouble in store:

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