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    I dont feel like eating, sleeping, doing anything at all and I just want to cry all day... i havent eaten at all today.. What happened is, well money is the only thing that makes me happy. Really its true.. I love money. If I have money then i dont need anything else. I dont even like to spend money i just love having it and it makes me the happiest person in the world. Then my sister stole it all (530$ Oregon CASH) and my mom saw her take it but she wont admit it. I havent talked to her about it but i think im going to blackmail her. She isnt allowed to date, but she has a boyfriend who she has s.ex with, strips for, etc.. Ill say that she needs to give me my money or i'll tell my parents she has a boyfriend and what she does with him. My paretns dont care about my money, they said its my life not theirs. If I dont have money i can never be happy. Suicidal thoughts are popping in because I will never be happy without money so whats the point of living, if im never gonna be happy? Do you think Ill get my money back? And how do I do stuff again? I dont want to do anything. Especially eat. All food seems disgusting right now. Please please PLEASE help me and thank you so much

    1-800-273-8255 <-- Suicide Hotline If you feel like your only option is to commit suicide, give these guys a call. They'll help you. Sometimes just venting and talking through your suicidal feelings will help. Now about your money. That is an awful large amount of money to just keep around. I think if you sat down and talked to your sister and tell her you know that she has your money (and have proof) then she should give it back. Don't threaten her right off the bat. Tell your side of the story and what you want from her first. Then if she still refuses, let her know that you know some of her secrets. The rest is up to her really. For the future, I think you should get a debit card with your own personal pin so your sister can't get your money. Cash is easy to steal and leaves no trace. A debit card would protect your money and keep track of when, where, and how much money was spent. Ask your parents to help set yours up.

    You should probably find somebody to talk to. Talking to somebody might be something for you to do. Obsession with money is really quite common. A lot of people are led into wanting more, even when they don't really need it. Just talk to your sister about it. Edit: Don't kill yourself! Money isn't worth killing yourself over. Just talk over this with your parents.

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  • Jamie Bernier
    Jamie Bernier
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  • Adonis Yundt
    Adonis Yundt
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  • Sterling Hermann
    Sterling Hermann
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  • Michelle Steuber
    Michelle Steuber
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  • Juwan Murphy
    Juwan Murphy
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