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    OK so I live in pa and I receive monthly food stamps. Every few months or so they send a form asking you to renew your application. Which I've done 2 weeks ago. And I was suppose to receive a telephone interview last Friday which I did not. Will my food stamps be affected because I didn't have my telephone interview with them? Even though I sent them my renewal application on time? mind you, they NEVER called me like they said they would.

    Give them a call at the number I provided below and be sure to have account/case number ready and possible a social number. State your situation and ask for advise. Helpline (Cash Assistance, SNAP, Oregon etc.) 1-800-692-7462

    CALL YOUR CASEWORKER (Listed on the notice you received when you qualified for SNAP benefits). If you have not received any notice saying that you are no longer eligible, you will receive your benefits as usual. You should still call your caseworker whenever you have a question about benefits.

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