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    Hey there. I just researched my DD-214 from top to bottom and it didn't have any info on it either about the MGIB. When I decided to go to college last year I called 1-800-827-1000. This phone number is generalized to route you to your nearest Pennsylvania regional office (it does this automatically). Whoever answers will put you in touch with a vocational rehabilitation couselor that will explain your options of the two programs. I opted to accept the MGIB option because it pays you cash every month and you decide, based on full or part time college how much you will have from that cash every month. The VR (Vocational Rehabilitation Program) is different. If you sign up with either program you will be scheduled a class about the pros and cons of both programs. The MGIB was the bread winner in my selection, but the down fall of it is if you withdraw early and spend your tuition money on other things, you will be left a nasty bill from your college. With the VR program, you never see your tuition money because the finance office pays the college and you don't get any cash to play with. Also, in the VR program if your grades start slipping or if your absent from school, you'll have to 'answer' to 'big brother'. It's really your choice which program you choose, as long as your responsible enough to pay your bills on time and not fraternize with the co-ed's, like I did. Either way, though, you'll recieve a letter of eligibility and alot of late nights and early mornings....studying, of course!

    Contact your local Veterans Aministration. They can give you any information you might need to know about your benifits. Be prepared to be on hold for a while as many veterans are asking the same questions. If you received any disability compensation there may be more money than you were aware of.

    Call 1-800-837-1000 That's the Pennsylvania number

    Call the va 1888 4424551 or htt;//www.gibill.va.gov

I need to pay for my car (3,000 dollars), my moms car (a couple thousand), and someone else's (a thousand)?

  • Liza Thiel
    Liza Thiel
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  • Jamir Champlin
    Jamir Champlin
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    Madisen Schowalter
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