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    To start off- 2 weeks ago I called our HSBC banks 1-800 number asking for info on the process of switching banks, as our bank is being switched over to a new name, and getting taken over by key bank... I do remember the usual "do u want to open a line of credit" sales bull, and I definitely said no, explaining that we are in escrow for a house, so no opening any new credit ... Well I got a credit card in the mail saying "call to activate" and I thought it was just the bank trying to keep me as a customer, since our branch is closing... So THEN I got a letter in the mail saying "this is your pin number for ur master card" And it clicked!! Somehow someone opened a credit card! I didn't even think about the quick convo I had 2 weeks ago with a customer rep, just asking questions about the branch changing, until I went into the bank today and threw a fit (calmly but FIRM) that I didn't open the credit card Their response? It was an "error" and it was opened 2 weeks ago through the phone, and that's when I remember calling customer service and the lady TRYING to sell me a credit card! I even said we are in escrow for a house, that's y I want to make sure that the branch changing goes smoothly The bank lady said, maybe I implied to the lady that I wanted a card?! NOW THAT PISSED Pennsylvania OFF!! I pray to god that the whole convo was recorded 2 weeks ago, because I will not be called a liar!!! I'm not stupid, I know not to open new credit or make big purchases while in escrow! What else can I do? I immediately closed the account, it had been "approved" for 2 weeks but not activated and no charges since I ripped up the card thinking it was just a sales approach, not a real card! The bank said they have reported it as fraud, and are going to report it to the credit bureaus so that the inquiry (the stupid ***** applying for credit for me without my consent!) won't show up on the credit report,... Basically I talked to 3 people today, they all said that since its being reported as fraud it will be erased from my credit report as nothing happened Anything else I can do?? My broker said its ok, just that before closing I will have to explain what the inquiry was for, and that since it was closed and never used its ok... But I want justice!! Some rep, without my consent tried to damage my credit, while we are in escrow for commission?! I'm fuming!!! Also I don't want to do anything that could damage the home buying process either. Thanks in advance!

    Tellers can get as much as 25 bucks for opening a new credit to a customer. I have had this happen to me. And I was MAD. They know what they heck they are doing. It happens all the time. I went through the erasing of the report. Never happened. This was 4 years ago, and the car is still showing. I dispute it every year. I had closed it in 2 weeks. Never used it. It says that it is due to stay on the report for the full 7 years. The inquiry is not the damage. It's "new credit" that hurts the score. Just explain away. You are not the only one that has been scammed. I still remember the day she asked me "would you like a credit card?". My answer was very clear: Why would I want a credit card that offers me no rewards of any kind. I have a great one that offers me 2% cash back. That's all I need. Again, my answer refusing the card was very clear. Still got a card.

    Nothing unlawful right here. She with no trouble received upgraded from a cost card to a bank card, and each are energetic at this factor. In a month or 2, the normal card will have to expire after which she will have to transfer to the Walmart Discover. Both Sears and LL Bean did some thing equivalent once they upgraded their playing cards from retailer playing cards to bank cards a couple of years in the past. This appears to be more and more extra average with organizations who're transitioning clear of retailer playing cards to having their credit score offerings controlled through an external finance organization. Just an FYI, a shop cost card does not have a lot of an have an effect on in your credit score historical past on the grounds that they're convenient to get. Now that she's been upgraded to a bank card, a well fee historical past can spice up her credit score ranking.

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