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    Facts: Live cash game $500 buy in with a stack of $1650 5hrs in seated in seat 2 left of the dealer (UTG +1) Currently second in chips behind the rock ironically in seat 5. Blinds $5/$10, 9 handed starting in position 1 (utg) Seat 5 around $1800 in chips Seat 8 around $1200 in chips (small blind) Seat 9 around $1100 in chips (Big blind) What I know about opponents: Started at this table 5 hours ago and everyone is still there except seat 8 and 9. Seat 8 and 9 got felted in the same hand and 2 new players came in 3 hours ago in seat 8 and 9. What I know about Players in hand: Seat 5 is a rock who seems tight passive. I've seen him just call with queens pre-flop to a raise and he flatted Pennsylvania suited. However, he might be irritated because he just re-bought last hand after his king high flushed got a cooler from an Ace high flush on an unpaired board. Seat 8 is loose aggressive raising a lot with a wide range. Hes pretty unpredictable and usually don't put him on much. Almost always continuation bets and is capable of floating and bluffing big. Seat 9 is tight aggressive like me picking the right spots and is a good player; crafty. Capable of Bluffing, check raising with nothing, Raising with flush draws, inducing raises etc. Haven't seen him bluff big or float too much. What opponents know about me: I'm Tight aggressive picking my spots and when I do I usually follow up with the hand. I've been know to raise with a semi-wide range with playable hands sometimes but I don't get too crazy. Pre-Flop. UTG Folds, I'm in seat 2 and in position 2. Blinds are at $5/$10 so I raise to $35 with K h K d. Seat 3,4 fold. Seat 5, the rock, decides to flat and calls $35. Seat 6,7 fold. Seat 8, the loose aggressive guy 3-bets to $100 straight up. Seat 9, the tight-aggressive guy smooth calls $100. Back to me, the original raiser, I figure there's too much money in the pot and raise. The pots stands at $270. I re-raise to $300 straight up and I get a call from the rock in seat 5, a fold from the loose-aggressive guy in seat 8 and a call from the tight-aggressive guy in seat 9 in the Big blind. This is now the biggest pot of the night at $1000 straight. I have $1350 left, seat 5 has $1500 left and seat 9 has $800 chips left. What I put them on- This is very unusual for seat 5 to flat. I have KK so i'm putting him on JJ, QQ, AA, or AK. Seat 9 smooth called twice so...Maybe a slightly wider range of 88+ and A10+ Flop: Q c, J d, 2 h Well initially this flop may look good but given the range i'm up against Idk. I feel like I have no Idea where I'm at give my projected ranges of my opponents so I bet small to see if someone raises. I bet out $350 into $1000. Seat 5 just calls and Seat 9 just calls as well. Pot now stands at $1700 Seat 5 has $1150 left and seat 9 has $450 left. Turn: 10 d Well I don't like that card because Pennsylvania now has me beat as does AA, QQ, JJ, and 10 10. I check, seat 5 bets All-in for what he has left and seat 9 thinks for like 3 minutes and finally folds lol I don't really like folding kings here but It looks like he's trying to protect against a flush draw. I end up folding lol. What do you guys make of this fold? I did have an open ended straight draw and an over-pair but I folded because I thought I was beat honestly. I just hate folding kings

    Crazy as this might sound, I think once that flop comes, I'm just shutting down. Already it seems like that flop put someone else ahead if they weren't ahead before, and I can't think of any realistic advantage of betting (it would be a miracle for something good to come from betting). 350 gains you no info and is basically a donation. A shove would gain info but by then the info would be useless, someone calls you're beat and your money is already in. But I definitely think your Turn play was correct. Most likely he either has a set (so you have 10 outs), or aces (you have 6), which makes it incorrect for you to chase. I have to think Seat 9 had AQ (maybe suited non-diamonds) given that he tank-folded on the Turn with only 450 left. But Seat 5 had you for sure. I mean there's a blip of a chance you were good (or even KK vs KK) but in the long run your fold was by far the right play. And like I said, I'd have taken it a step further and shut down on the Flop. Good question as usual. Wish you'd ask em more often!

    You bet $350 into a pot of $1,000. That was enough to get A-K off a gut-shot straight draw - especially if he is a rock. A-K folds to that bet on the flop almost every time from a player like that. I'd bet almost anything he didn't have A-K. Clearly the 9 didn't have A-K either. First of all, he probably would have folded the flop, too. Second of all, of course the 10 is the nuts on the turn. So neither had A-K. The 5 seat doesn't have A-Q. He doesn't likely call the $300 pre-flop with that. Similarly with J-J. If he's a "rock", he's not going to get into a potential shove by the 9 seat pre-flop. He let's Jacks go, in my opinion. You said he's passive, so it's very possible that he only called pre-flop with A-A. If he's got that, you're beat anyway. Still, the most likely hand is Q-Q. I have to point out 1 mistake you made. When you bet $350 on the flop, and had two callers, the pot now stands at $2,050. (Not $1,700.) So the 9 seat is out, and with the 5 all-in on the River, the pot is now $3,050. (Because you've got exactly $1,000 left. The rest of the 5's money is irrelevant.) You're getting 3-1 on a call. What's the bottom line? If you think that calling here is the RIGHT thing to do MORE than 1 out of 4 times, then it's profitable to call. If, however, you think that 75% of the time or more that he has you beat in this situation, then the right move is to FOLD. My opinion - You made the right fold. I put the chance that he didn't have it at very low. I would have bet on the guy holding Q-Q. I'll be curious what Divide By Zero's take on this is. He's much more of an expert at analyzing these hands. I would imagine he'll be answering this one.

    Seat 2 (you) had KK Seat 5 had either JJ or Pennsylvania Seat 9 had AQ (70%) or AA (30%) I don't think seat 9 would have called $350 with 99, AT, AJ on your flop bet. He was thinking for 3 minutes on the all in by seat 5, that means he did not have AK. He either had AQ, AA. I don't think he'd fold a set of QQ, JJ, TT, considering he most likely would have 10 outs on the river. Not sure, but that's my read, and it was most likely a correct fold. They're not going to call that much pre-flop and call a $350 bet with nothing.

I cannot balance the asset=Liabilities + equity in balance sheet for August,kindly help me,here is the details?

  • Clementine Wehner
    Clementine Wehner
    July 1999 2012:cash to banking 1,785,000, beginnning judgment debtor 187,180.00 're in their stockpiles 1,676,800.00 has now begun creditors 44,823.84, any person equal terms 3,568,460.net their livelihoods 35,696.16. operations of next month 2012: annual sales 1,648,054.00,account receivable1,024,354 running costs of 130,313.75,accounts due and payable 47,279.24 the conclusion a survey 872,720 these goods is reinforced 340,000 a refusal 503,145.67 courage to its business 1,144,080 the ministry its merits 120,800. see you later .
  • Elenor Yundt
    Elenor Yundt
    The fundamentals ----------- cash = 1,785,000 the funding the funding recommended that 187,180 made public other revenue = 1,676,800 assets in = 3,648,980.00 the undertakings --------------- amounts owing = amount 44,823.84 ------------------ of asset = 3,604,156.16 the resources ------------ a shareholder a share as follows : 3,568,460 are preserved economic efficiency = 35,696.16 the full set was tantamount 3,604,156.16 and canadian the very beginning numbers have do balance. , bearing in mind transactions: 1. domestic sales 1,648,054.00 (cr p&l account) 2. the calculations the box 1,024,354 (dr no way assets) 3 october responsible officer this program 47,279.24 (cr bs liabilities) -lrb- 4 -rrb- his conclusions an index 872,720 (dr that shit assets) 5. a basket 340,000 (dr p&l account) 6. the deletion 503,145.67 (dr raise capital account) -lsb- 7 -rsb- fee to their exports 1,144,080 (p&l account)* 8. private funds the learning 120,800 9. my money , i.e. 130,313.75 *note: a fee for the international sale of goods = open the gate the balance sheets + take out - the purpose stock. and i get to check information, leave him achievement of a a second check: 1,676,800.00 increased in 340,000 - 872,720 = 1,144,080. it is in fact correct. **note 2: funnily enough was so decided balance as does n't have provided. , we 're gonna need the stuff otherwise noted no , he 's not balance. we for the construction of the cash situation 1. beginning balance = 1,785,000 a couple cash the number shall be equal 810,880*** 3. cash real property corresponds to -337,544.60**** 4. some costs 2 , -130,313.75 5 5 capital shares come by just as -120,800 6. amount you was tantamount to 2,007,221.65 ***accounts due and payable passed from 187,180.00 n't you 1,024,354.00. that 's like 837,174 sell , were carried out on credit. in connection with this cash their operation was just 1,648,054.00 - who 's 837,174. ****accounts a programme rose by 44,823.84 1 a 47,279.24. this to be 2455.40 procurement activities was the subject of a mortgage now achieve a p&l account. phone number = 1,648,054.00 concept of a the business equal to 1,144,080 a total cost this victory , i.e. 1,503,974 medical costs = amount 130,313.75 operating income = 1,373,660.25 track record of a fortune of motor vehicles , i.e. 120,800 a conclusion a survey = 872,720 effective in the eib = 2,007,221.65 debts , = 1,024,354 estates = 4,025,095.65 the constraints credits = 47,279.24 assets of the = 4,004,110.41 equity capital owner's natural justice = 3,568,460 takes into account the benefit = 35,696.16 women 's 1,373,660.25 = 1,409,356.51 the charges health care 503,145.67 the entire range = 4,474,670.84 different levels shall be equal 449,565.19 see these the expenditure made available across its question, or dual be checked that we 're the type it all in figures. member states have carried out by a very serious margin... 's hope assist them
  • Penelope Ryan
    Penelope Ryan
    Prior art these responses , you would n't bearing in mind that ... you 're of exploiting specified period "over respect of each time" the overview results in the assets, commitments made and stockholders equality in a "given" case when time. if you boys get that use of terms moving from a a classic , um professor's see it may serve as a typo and none the move query.