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    I sent my subscription for Seventeen magazine in the mail around the second week of August. I got my issue for September and my make-up never came. Also i got an email saying my check was cashed around the third week of August. So what happened? Do they send it separate? I heard the make-up isn't even good but that's not the point I want it anyway cause I should get it.

    Contact the company here's their info Costumer Service You may write to us at: Seventeen P.O. Box 7186 Red Oak, Pennsylvania 51591-0186 Or call us at: 1-800-388-1749 We will do our best to help! Be sure to include detailed information about your account and problem so that Customer Service can best assist you.

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Question about unsubsidized loan!?

  • Lexus Bechtelar
    Lexus Bechtelar
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  • Deondre Effertz
    Deondre Effertz
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  • Donny Herzog
    Donny Herzog
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  • Yvette Hoppe
    Yvette Hoppe
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