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    Hi so I paid this vampire I met from a friend at work $500 to turn me into a vampire too. I know he was a real one because he dress in all black and I only met him at night plus he has sharp fangs to and he talk about when he was born and it was over 200 year ago. So he bite my neck and said it might take some days to turn into a full vampire which means i can Still go out in sunlight and stuff but soon I wont and now I am scare about when it will happen because I think what if i do not know I am full vampire yet and I go out side and catch on fires? How long does it usualy take?

    Give me $1000 and I will bite you on the neck. I am a genuine vampire. I am over 300 years old (313 to be exact). Just last week I had gone out into the sun and was burnt severely. I think you got ripped off by that other "vampire". The going rate for a genuine transformation is around $800. I'm a little more because my bitten family are stronger, sexier and have the ability to change forms. The only downside to our extreme vampirism is our insatiable horniness. Additionally, our women's breasts grow 1-2 cup sizes and men... Let's just say we give a whole new meaning to "male enhancement". So invest wisely brother. Give me a call 1-800-BITE-MEE, and enjoy the effects of true immortal vampirism! We take MasterCard, Visa, Money Orders or Cash. Lastly, we will also need a note from your mother giving us permission to take your money. I am legitimate, I wouldn't want you to think I was going to take advantage of you.

    I would first consider this... what does a vampire need money for? If he is 200 years old he has to have a truckload of cash hanging around from investments. I mean, if you are that old you have to know a thing or two about trends and stuff right? Also, in all mythology you have to die and then they suck out your blood and give you some of theirs... I think you may have been jipped out of 500 cash. And the sunlight thing... wouldn't it suck if you were REALLY turned into a vampire but you were turned into one of those gay Twilight Vampires... The ones that can go out during the day and sparkle.

    NO every thing is so wrong wut u said! vampires CAN go in the sun light they don't die or anything they just feel a little uncomfortable with the heat.and vampire don't only have to wear black they can wear other colors too (like pastel colors!) and real vampires do not a fangs it's called k9 teeth they just look long or he just went to the dentist to implant fake fangs. and for a vampire to become a full it takes a really long time but the wanting for blood is the number one thing u should be worrying about.

    You'll become a full vampire after like 5 days. Its noticeable when you start acting weird around your friends. your appearance changes and you start becoming attracted to your same gender. everyone knows that vampires are not straight, so twilight, etc. has made the wrong interpretations. one of my friends became a vampire too. now he lives with his boyfriend. i truly feel sorry for the people who misunderstand its meaning. i mean why would you pay for something like that? you could just become a vampire for free? just disregard all your feelings for the opposite sex and there you go. you're a vampire.

    Never... because young one vampires don't exist and those guys who think they are vampire are only dorks that live in their mom's basement watching too much Anne Rice movies masturbating while reading twilight. He is a poser and you are a bottom feeder for following him. you just got scammed by a manipulator and he needs a job and therapy. I have a werewolf friend and he'll go get your money back for $250... think about it. He loves vampires they taste like chicken. YUM YUM! Don't forget to join your local werewolf association and mate with a werewolf. But before you do watch Porky's and learn from Lassie and practice. Wolves are more fun.

    No one is going to employ you as a vampire hunter seeing as vampires don't exist. Who exactly is going to pay for such a service? No one. Also, don't put vampire hunter on your resume. It will seriously hinder your chances of finding a job as potential employers will just assume that you're an idiot.

    Just to be safe, I would stay inside forever if I were you. Seriously, though, that guy was a total liar and scam artist. If you send Pennsylvania $500, I can REALLY turn you into a vampire. Please send the money and I will tell you more when the check clears.

    When Pigs fly Humans to Mars without any Space Suits

    My friend turned into a vampire too and it took her a week to turn all the way and she tried sticking her pinky into the sun and it started sizzling and turned purple.. so i wouldnt go into the sun light :\

    When you start speaking proper English, that's when you know you have fully transformed into a vampire.

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    Sigrid Jaskolski
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  • Roy Emard
    Roy Emard
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