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    How to report food stamp fraud in Indiana, I know of a woman that cheating the system. She owns the house but has a baby and the baby's father works too. They live together and have other people who live with them. They own several vehicles, a boat, and a pull behind camper. She make 12.50 a hr, and the baby's father makes 14.28 hr, But there not married and both are getting separate food stamps and she is getting cash asstance also. I guess they also are heavy drinkers and drive around drunk with their kid with them.

    Indiana Medicaid/Public Assistance Fraud Indiana Family and Social Services Administration If you suspect fraud by a recipient, service provider, healthcare professional or employee for any of the assistance programs listed below, please contact us at the Fraud Hotline FSSA FRAUD HOTLINE: Call Toll Free: 1-800-403-0864. Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Select option 4. When prompted, enter your ZIP code) Email: ReportFraud@fssa.IN.gov Mailing Address: FSSA Compliance Division Room E-414 402 W. Washington Street Indianapolis, Pennsylvania 46204

    This is made up. Why would they tell you what they make? They wouldn't. And they certainly are not going to you 12.50 and 14.38 per hour. No one does that in conversation with a neighbor. And you also know the cash assistance that they are getting. Will people never tire of making up the welfare stories? If fraud is sooooo rampant, why must the ridiculous stories continue to be made up? I'm not saying defrauding the system does not occur, because it does, the real cases are never talked about here. Mainly because no one would just come out and divulge that type of information to you.

    You don't know it's fraud, they could be using a legal loophole, or have other mitigating factors you dont know about.

    So what has it got to do with you? just live your life and do not worry about anyone else.

    You contact your county welfare office.

    See here you can do this online.

    They must be Republican supporters then.

    Call the police

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