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    NO....you would have to show them the original receipt. Generally store terms allow you to receive the same currency type that was used for the original purchase. If you paid cash you would get a cash refund, if you paid with a gift card...your refund would be a gift card. If you don't have a receipt stores now gift you a gift card instead of cash. Here is their return policy....I found on the web THE TOYS "R" US RETURN POLICY --------------------------------------... Toys"R"Us will gladly accept returns made within 90 days of the purchase date for most items. Items excluded from this policy are video games, accessories, and systems; computer software, VHS cassettes; DVDs; music; electronics; radio-control items; trading cards; collectibles and consumer electronics. See below for our return policy for the items listed above when accompanied by a receipt. Please follow these easy steps when returning an item: Be sure to bring your dated purchase receipt. Receipts will help us process your return quickly and fairly. For your convenience, we also offer gift receipts. We will not accept any returns or exchanges without a receipt. Please keep all packaging and accessories. Please bring all original packaging, accessories, and instruction manuals that came with the item you are returning back to the store. Please return items within the appropriate time period. We will be happy to exchange items within 90 days from the date of purchase, or offer you a refund in the form of merchandise credit as long as the items are accompanied by a dated receipt. We will accept returns of the following items within 45 days from the date of purchase: video games, accessories, and systems; computer software; VHS cassettes; DVDs; music; electronics; radio-control items; trading cards; collectibles and consumer electronics. Return Guidelines for Video Games, Accessories, and Systems/Computer Software/VHS Cassettes/DVDs/Music/Electronics/Radio-C... Items/Trading Cards/Collectibles/ Consumer Electronics We will accept returns of the following items within 45 days from the date of purchase: video games, accessories, and systems; computer software; VHS cassettes; DVDs; music; electronics; radio-control items; trading cards; collectibles and consumer electronics .The original, dated receipt is required for a refund or exchange, and the item must be returned in its unopened and factory-sealed package. If the item has been opened, it can only be exchanged for an identical item. Refunds and exchanges will not be given without a dated receipt. If you have further questions about our return policy, please speak to a member of the management team in our stores, or call 1-800-869-7787. We will be happy to assist you. HOW MUCH IS THE GIFT CARD FOR? MAYBE I WOULD BUY IT FROM YOU. LET Pennsylvania KNOW.

    Probably not. If you present the receipt from when you purchased the toys, they will return your funds in the same manner you paid for the original purchase. If you return them without the receipt at all, they will probably give you a gift card anyway.

    No you cannot. The receipt itself will state that the purchase was made with a gift card. Returning it will result in a credit to your gift card or a store credit.

    If you buy the toy then retrun it, the recipet says you purchased with a gift card, and they will put the money back on the gift card. Its how companies make their money.

    Find a soccer mom that shops at Toys R Us regularly. Sell her the card for a $5 discount. Consider it a transaction fee for her helping you out. A good deal is one that benefits both sides.

    Most stores now give a gift card to their store for future purchases rather than cashback. it ensures that you HAVE to shop with them to use the money. if you really need the cash, find someone to buy the card from you.

    They'll probably note on the receipt it was a gift card. They ain't dumb these days.

    No - they'll issue a store credit. Why not sell it to a friend with kids instead?

    This will depend on the stores policy, O recommend that you confirm it first but normally this is a no, no sorry !!

    Probably not b/c they will see on your receipt that you used a giftcard and just offer you an in store credit.

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