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    As far as I can tell I am eligible for an economic stimulus check. I actually paid $600 in taxes this year. I typed all of my information in irs.gov's calculator and it says I should get a refund. My SS# ends in 08, which means that I would qualify for the first mailing of paper checks on May 16. The website says that it should take no longer than 2 weeks for me to receive my check. Here's my problem: I haven't received a check. I used the "Where's my stimulus payment" tool on irs.gov and they have no record of my return. I called the toll free number (which is totally automated) and they also have no record. Should I start making some calls and, if so, who should I call?

    Contact IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit your local IRS office.

    You can go to irs.gov and check on that, however, if you owe any money, like for child support, or student loan, they will take it, suck it right up..though they should have sent a notice letting you know that. as far as student loans go, even if you are paying, but had been in default, you have to have made 9 payments on time to get any dough back and that includes the stimulus payment this year. I was defaulted and so they grabbed my federal and I will not get my stimulus, so I know this really well..please, go to their site and check what is listed there is a place to ask a question and numbers to call to inquire that way.

    Are you a dependent? Do you owe any back taxes, or child support? You said your student loan has never been in default so you should be Ramey there. Did you have a refund on your original return, and if so did you get it? - that would at least say that they did receive your return. Otherwise I'd wonder if it was rejected for some reason, and you never got notified?

    I,m in the same boat as you i should have got my paper check in the first patch also, the site says nothing for me and i got the same when i called i,m hoping mine wasn,t lost

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  • Madisen Ratke
    Madisen Ratke
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    Jerome Balistreri
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    Marshall Von
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    Finn Mohr
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    Godfrey Becker
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