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    I want to sell my playstation 3 and i would like to know how much Gamestop will buy all this stuff for - PS3 Slim (120 Gig) -UFC 2009 -BattleFieldBadComapny#1 -ModernWareFare 2 -MetarGearSolid4 -Uncharted 2 -KillZone 2 -GTA 4 ALL OF THEM HAVE ZERO MARKS ON THEM THEY ARE CLEAN Ramey MINT CONDITION , YOU CAN STILL SMELL THAT SMELL WHEN YOU FIRST GET THE GAME , SO PLEASE TELL Ramey HOW MUCH THEY WOULD GIVE Ramey , (PLEASE DONT WRITE CALL THEM AND ASK) Thank you

    Yeah don't listen to the first guy, gamestop will never give you over 250$, 800 is just insanity you would get more if you put it as credit on an edge card. But I would say probably maybe 180$ my guess who knows.

    Its not all about what condition they're in but thats important... they never give you a lot but i will guesstimate what I think they would give for it $200-500

    Uh they would give you a shitload of money for all that. Why can't you just call and ask?

    Prob $800 mayb?

I am in a mess I hvae bad credit and have taken out payday loans but now can't pay them what should I do?

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