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    Have you used this card to pay for a bill at a sit-down restaurant? If so, when you give some of the waiters the card, they may write the numbers down and also the 3 digit code on the back. Others are more advanced and simply swipe it through a handheld computer with a card reader that captures the credit card number and/or 3 digit code on the back digitally. They then re-encode your card number onto an existing credit card with their name on it, so that it matches when someone checks their Ramey and it looks like their card. If the card is used to pay for something and the merchant does not pay attention, it will go through just fine, as if you used your card yourself. But the numbers will be different. The last four of the card number would show up on the receipt as xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-XXXX It would be your card number that would show up as the last 4, which would not match up to the last 4 physically printed on the owners/scammers original card, because they are of course two different numbers. Be aware of using your debit card at lots of places...restaurants are huge risks, some gas stations that you have to put your pin in to use the card can be suspect...lots of other places. Edit: Also, what bank ATMs have you been using? Are you aware that with some "outside" ATMs (including those literally outside of a bank that anyone has access to when the bank is closed) have little cameras attached to the top, which most people never look for? They are tiny cameras that scammers attach to the inside top of the ATM, often wireless, which records you entering your PIN (from a standing position, so you wouldn't see the camera unless you bent down and looked up to examine the indentation of the machine where the screen goes inward). There is also a card reader or "skimmer" as they call it, which is a device that they make to look real and officially part of the ATM...but that skims your card number and info off from the card as it is passing into the real ATM. They encode the debit card number to a card, and use the PIN # afterwards to withdraw cash from an ATM, using the PIN# that they saw you enter for your card. Or, they could simply call the 1-800 phone number for whatever bank you use. They could put in the account number and sometimes get by without any other questions once they put the passcode/PIN# in. My bank (Bank of America), for instance...you call the 1-800 number, put in your pin code...and sometimes it may ask your zip code or SS#, etc. just as a second verification. Not all do this, I would imagine. Once in the system, they could start an automatic transfer from one account number to another fraudulent one, using your debit card account. They would immediately withdraw from the fraudulent one and be gone.

    Yeah if you get caught. What are u doing with a credit card at the age of 15 anyway you should be worrying about your homework or what movie you want to see with your guy friends not what will happen if you use someone elses credit card number. You sound a bit fishy maybe you are using someones credit card to get what you want. Are you? If you get caught you will go to jail and its called fraud.

    Keep in mind that your debit card is basically using the same information that a credit card uses. If you discovered a flaw that hackers been using then excellent! I heard that there's a way for bad folk to get your information after you swipe your card. Being protective with such is the way to go, but I like it best to get cash from the bank and really. You limit yourself and you seriously have to wonder if you really, really need something.

    Lucky hit? Savvy scammers have all kinds of algorithms and programs for guessing number combinations, and if they got lucky and yours worked, they would keep working it until you noticed. Glad you put a stop to it.

    Not possible. you must swipe your card.

Are my credit scores good for a college sophomore? (19 yrs old)?

  • Sean Gutmann
    Sean Gutmann
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  • Susana Dietrich
    Susana Dietrich
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  • Savanna Shanahan
    Savanna Shanahan
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