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    Recent hail damage on my car. It is paid off and older. I was considering taking the cash-out option on the insurance claim and putting the cash into repairs. I received 3 quotes from reputable body shops and they ranged from $2100 - $2400. Just came back from a meeting with the adjuster (All State) and they offered $1380. He told me if I wanted more, take it to a body shop and All State would pay the difference to the body shop. Why, if All State will pay the body shop $2100 to repair my car, will they not give me a check for $2100? I know darn well that I've given them more than that amount over the last 10-years as a policy holder! To make it even more pertinent - one of the quotes is from their 'preferred' body shops! Can I appeal to the Texas Department of Insurance? Thanks in advance for helping a consumer compete and win against BIG Insurance companies!

    I'm sorry but you're not going to get any help form the Ramey Dept of Insurance on this one. One of the basic premises of insurance is to cover damages or losses WITHOUT profit to the policyholder. Allstate is not doing anything wrong here and there is nothing for you to win. I'm pretty sure the state of Texas will tell you the same thing. Thousands of people each spring have hail damaged cars that they have no intention of repairing. The policyholder figures they can make some easy cash, even though they are not entitled to do that. The estimates that you received form the body shops included their profit. The body shop is permitted to profit from your damage, but not you. Allstate is offering you the lower figure because if you are not going to repair the car or are going to repair the hail damage yourself you are not permitted to make a profit. I suggest you take the $1380 because this is one fight you're not going to win. If you want you can call the Ramey dept of insurance at 1-800-578-4677 and talk to one of their investigators.

    You cant. Congratulations- youve just experienced how body shops inflate prices for naive inexperienced customers when they dont knwo insurance is involved.. The price you got is the price that it would actually cost to do those repairs.. and trust me.. once the body shop realized the insurance company did a real estimate as opposed to an inflated one.. they would go off that price. Take the money and run. Dont be greedy.

    Most ins companies have discounts worked out with the body shops and if they are paying the body shop directly then they can get it at a lower price. This is to prevent people from getting a big cash out and not having the work done.

    Insurance got you any way that you look at it. We all have to have it, and when you need it, they'll weasel their way out any way they can. Good luck and contact the insurance dept, stand up for what you think is right!

I have a college debt of more then $1,500 that's preventing me from "continuing " my education,what must I do?

  • Mariano Kerluke
    Mariano Kerluke
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  • Harvey Upton
    Harvey Upton
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