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    I've already called the number they gave on my receipt and left a voice message every day for the past six days and there hasn't been a physical person to pick up the phone or call me back from the voice messages I've left. I've also tried to file a complaint through their website, but the comment box limits how much I can type. Is there any other way I can contact them? Story: I went to the Mcdonalds on 10777 Beechnut, Houston, Ramey 77072 because they were having a manger special where you get 60 piece chicken nuggets for around $13. It was around 10pm when I went through the drive through and made two separate orders, one for my cousin in the passenger seat and one for me. They didn't tell us the total, but we assumed they did it correctly. When we got to the window to pay, they were still putting in our orders. The worker apparently didn't know how to put in the manager special and we spent a good 5+ minutes waiting for her to do it while her coworkers helped her. They left and she finished putting in the order a minute later. She asked us for our payment for the first and second order and we gave her our cards. After she scanned it and gave us our receipt, we checked it and they messed up our orders around 10:14pm. They charged us full prices for our order and we had to wait another 3 minutes to get their attention. After telling them what happen and them acknowledging their mistake, they went to get the hispanic lady that was in charge to explain to us that they couldn't refund us our money because the manager wasn't there. She said that everyone there couldn't do anything because they didn't have access to fix our order and refund us our money. She said only the manager could do that and the manager was not there. We asked her what we could and she told us to come back tomorrow when the manager was there to get our money refunded. She also told us that we weren't allowed to take our food or else we would be paying for it and there was nothing she could do about it if we ate it. She said as long as I have my receipt and didn't take the food, it would be fine.So we decided to come back the next day since we pass it on the way to school everyday. The next day I came there around 3:30pm by myself and asked for the manager. A hispanic lady wearing a grey mcdonald's shirt came and I told her what happened. She shook her head and started yelling at me. She said my cousin already came an hour earlier and she explained this to him. She initially wouldn't tell me what she told him and told me to ask him myself.After showing her my receipt, she said there was nothing she could do, but started explaining to me more about the situation. She said what I said doesn't make any sense and was ridiculous. She said there is always a manager there and what I said doesn't make any sense, even though she saw the receipt. She basically implied that I was lying by how ludicrous my story was and said how only stupid people would pay for their food and not take it. I tried to explain to her how her workers told me not to take it the food and I was only following their directions, but she kept going on about how she doesn't understand the situation. When I described to her what the cashier and other lady looked like, she said that doesn't tell her anything over and over again. How do you not know your own coworkers or the work schedule from the previous day? If you are the manager, that would tell you a lot of things. I also told her to look at the footage from the security cameras, but she wouldn't do it. She told me to call the number on my receipt to file a complaint and basically try to get me to leave so she could get the next customer in line. I know working at Mcdonald's is hard and the stress can get to you, but that is still no excuse for that kind of service. Getting called a liar and stupid is no way to treat a paying customer who didn't even get their food. It was also my fault for not making a scene when they messed up my order and not asking for the total price when I paid for it, but to not get any food when I paid $20 and my cousin $33 for it is ridiculous. It sucks that I wasted so much time driving back to this Mcdonald's just to get insulted too.

    Edit: I don't want to sue them. I just want people to know how horrible this specific mcdonalds is compared to the other ones on the next street over. I wouldn't mind getting $53 total back for me and my cousin, but if this is how they treat customers who pay them money, the extra drive to the mcdonalds on the streets parallel to his one would be better. P.S. I meant Manager's special. Not manager. It would be silly if it was the other way around, but I can see how someone who doesn't use context clues could make that mistake. It was fully my fault though for not spell checking autocorrect.

    I find it bullshit that there wasn't a manager present. How do people know what position they're doing for the day, if it's okay to leave, when to go on break, the manager is the one that has to go into a safe and get the cash drawers out for cashiers to ring on, etc.. You need to call the corporate office and explain everything that happened.. but try to summarize it a bit.. 1-800-244-6227 Tell them the location of course, and say that in the drive-thru, you and your cousin had two separate orders. You were wanting the Managers special 60 nuggets for $13 and your cousin got ___. The person at the window told you to pull around and when you did, you saw they were having a hard time putting the order in. You paid for the food, but when you checked the receipt, you saw the full prices of the food and not the manager's discount. The woman who took your payment said that the manager wasn't there so no refund could be given, but to come again with the receipt and they'd fix it... and that nothing has been done to this day. In any case, corporate should deal with this.. Were you able to get the names of any of the people you spoke to? It'll be better if you do that because that gets them in trouble ^^

    IF you ever do get through on that number ask to speak with the store manager and no one else. If the store manager won't do anything for you go above their head and ask for the corporate office number. Good luck

    On every cup from Mcdonalds there is a 1-800 number you can call to complain.

    Wow deal with it, you try to get cheap food at a cheap place, why would you get a manager special anyways? not like your manager over there or anything or else you could have fixed the thing yourself. quit being such a tight person and live with it.

    Complain the old way. surely you've heard of it... write a letter, mail it to them. if they won't listen, go higher and higher until you find someone that does. you do know the chain of management, right?

    I'm sure that McDonald's has a regional office. Take it up with someone there.

    Call the owner of outlet __

    Live with it, move on with your life !!

    Really? Are you that big of a loser?

    That sucks.. Sue the **** outta them.

I am a student with FMU online. I need a new computer. Are there any student loans?

  • Samara Wilderman
    Samara Wilderman
    If you have - no happy to something that cosigner, a phone call 1-800-749-9100. that shit are you prepared be particularly that. if you do n't credit, required a cosigner who does, though.