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    Yes. Go to the Amtrak ticket counter at Penn Station in Manhattan. If you haven't yet made the reservation, they can take care of it there (although it will take a few minutes). (By the way, you should check the Amtrak website to make sure there are seats available on the day you plan to travel). Yes, they accept cash. But, they do require a photo ID--that is part of the war against terrorism. You can call Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL and see what type of Ramey they will accept. And at age 18, you really should get a state ID. If you aren't planning to drive, all states have a non-drivers Ramey they make available for a small charge.

    Distance-wise, I think Newark is slightly closer than LaGuardia. For getting there by public transportation, I think JFK is the easiest (even though it is the furthest), because you can just take the LIRR or subway to Jamaica and then catch the AirTrain, whereas LaGuardia doesn't have any sort of rail service nearby. (For Newark, the trains out there run less frequently than the subway).

    I assume this is for an Amtrak train. Yes you may buy in advance. You are buying for a specific day and time of day. You may pay in cash. I don't see why they need to see ID. But you ought to have a government picture Ramey - sooner or later you will need one. Anything else you need to know? For the actual trip, bring lots to read or to entertain yourself; also buying snacks on the train is expensive.

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