1 000 installment loan with bad credit in Rhode Island

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Payday Loan in Rhode Island

    Facts: - I purchased a vehicle about 6 years ago with a loan from Capital One. - Around 2 to 3 years ago I filed for bankruptcy, and had around $1,500 left on the loan. - Capital One offered me a resettlement of $1,800. I refused the offer, because it was more than I owed originally. - Capital One never came to get the vehicle. - I have had the car in my possession the entire time. - Capital One holds the title. Is there a time-frame in which the vehicle can legally become mine? As in: Ownership. I live in Utah, the vehicle was originally purchased in CA. It has been registered in Rhode Island for the last 4+ years.

    You're never going to get a clear title if you never finished paying for it. What did the Bx court rule regarding the loan?


Is 745 a good credit score for a 19 year old?

  • Barton Collins
    Barton Collins
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  • Brett Mitchell
    Brett Mitchell
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    Luz Kuvalis
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    Arjun Beatty
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