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Payday Loan in Rhode Island

    I just turned 19, therefore i have no credit. so: i have ZERO credit i DO have a job, making 700/mo. with 300/mo. extra income i DO have a cosigner, who has good credit ..and a job bringing home $1,800/month GMAC would not finance me, and i am in great need of a car loan. ANY ANSWER HELPS! THANKS FOR ANYTHING Rhode Island ADVANCE!! :)

    You don't make enough money for a car loan outside of the bank of mom and dad.


    You don't need a loan, you need a car. Your income is not sufficient enough to support a car loan. Is your co-signor a parent or family member? If not the lender won't accept them. Your best option for a car is to save the money you are earning and pay cash for a decent used car. Keep saving your money until you can step up to a nicer car using the original car as the trade. Work that cycle 3 or 4 times and you'll be driving a really nice car free in less than 3 or 4 years (less time than it would take you to pay off a loan)

    Did you apply for the loan with your co-signer? Obviously, with no credit history and low monthly income no one will finance you. That's why banks ask to have a co-signer in case you can't pay.

    Sorry but I suggest you ask your parents for help because nobody else is going to lend you money.

What should I expect with my first used car loan?

  • Dino Jones
    Dino Jones
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  • Lawrence Yost
    Lawrence Yost
  • Ed Yost
    Ed Yost
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    Cicero Gibson
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    Efrain VonRueden
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