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    So from all the research, the only thing that can be done is wage garnishment, and if you don't have a job, what the big deal? I own no house,land or property, I do not work, I recieve no gov't assistance of any sort. SO what are they going to do ,except send letters that it will affect my credit?? what credit?? who cares about credit?? So I refuse to pay, and it' been 10 yrs, and I'm still not in jail, so there nothing they can do, they got a roar, but no bite, right?

    I asked a question, no need to slam my intellect. I'm 45, married, many kids, my wife works, but they cannot touch her income (sorry armchair lawyers thats the law). what can they do to me?? nothing, I have offered to go to jail, they can't even do that. so once again what can they do? credit is unimportant, you really don't need it, cut out all the bull in life they say you need, and your much better. SO i'm just asking, anyone goty any personal experiance in this, what can they do? by the way, my living situation is fine, I got no dreams for the future, face it at 45 your life is all down hill after 40.

    What? why do you think I,m living like a bum? I'm living ok. I'm in the USA. you people really look at this from a govt view, apparently you either pay your loan or your dirt poor living out of dumpsters? I didn't get an education, I got a paper for a technical school, that lost it's accredidation before I fininsed, and no one needs a computer repair person these dys, you just buy another (not fesiable for lbor alone). why am I viewd so negatively, my loan has gone from $4,600 to 14,900. I'm not BS anyone, "I'm asking" what cn they do?? as to taking a refund check, I don't get one people, I don't work! (duh) nor do I get a stimulus check ecuase I didn't make over $3,000 (I made "0"). my wife files a seperate income tax, and doesn't get a refund bcause she has to pay (she makes good money), so once again, they cannot touch her (we've checked that with legal eagles), so what can they do to me?? nothing right??

    No bragging hear, don't know how you figure i'm bragging, I'm just asking, and the one I chose for best answers seems to understand (may not agree with me) where I'm coming from. I got one thing to ask him, my school lost it accredidation, they did not close, does this method you metion still apply?

    I will not judge nor will I make remarks regarding your situation. It is true that there really isn't much they can do to you. BUT I would rather give you some advice on how to rectify this matter. Well first of all, if this Student Loan was for your computer education and the school lost its accreditation before you graduated then you do not owe any money!! You may be eligible to have your loan discharged, if you did not complete the program of study and either of the following is true: the school closed while you were attending, or the school closed within ninety days after you withdrew from the school What to Do: You must complete and submit a closed school discharge application form. You can request this form from the agency that holds your loan, Check a recent demand letter or bill for this loan; if the address to which you are requested to send payment is the National Payment Center in Greenville, TX, you should submit your completed form to: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FEDERAL STUDENT AID Processing Group Regional Office, Room 8633 50 Beale Street San Francisco, Rhode Island 94105-1813 You may request a copy of this discharge application form by calling 1-800-621-3115. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The advice contained herein is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as Legal Counsel nor Legal Advice.

    Well you have to live in some way and they could investigate you for fraud, which is a crime. If someone is giving you money they could charge them the bill because they are covering you. Living with such limitations is worse than paying the money back. Obviously the education wasn't worth much to you, the university system really does suck these days. I think you are being short sighted and will regret it if you ever grow a brain, or marry into one, god help them. Student Loans never go away, unlike other credit which does after 10 years or so. It will be with you the rest of your life.

    There is plenty they can do. Any sort of government tax refund you are owed, such as a yearly refund or the stimulus checks they sent out recently or whatever they will take from you. I have a cousin who learned that the hard way this year. He always thought they cant touch him. He didnt get his tax refund or his stimulus check. If you honestly want to live life as a bum with never being able to own anything nice then go ahead and dodge them forever. Myself, i would rather set up a payment plan and slowly pay it off over time. Even if it takes 5-10 years to do so. EDIT: I think you are full of BS or lying. If your wife does work they can take her tax return at the end of the year. Simply because they havent yet does not mean they cant. Eventually they will catch up with that. I have known several people who have went through this with your same attitude. In the end they always get caught. Also, you must be worried about being caught or else you would not be asking the question.

    You seem content in the position you are in. I would think they could probably sue you for the funds eventually, so I hope you don't have any joint assets, or arent the joint on any bank accounts. It sounds like you aren't. You are like a child living off of your spouses income and then bragging or commenting on it here as an untouchable? I don't envy your position. I am sure you will be fine, you have made it work so far.

    Yea but your life might change someday and it will come back to haunt you. If there's ever any kind of tax refunds you'll never get it because you owe the student loans.

    Well , you have no job , no house or land sooo , I figure you are raiding dumpsters to eat & watching dogs scratch for entertainment . Why bite a guy with no life ? Now , should you ever try to have more than a dirt scratch existence , they could whack you . But why did you get an education ? Just to watch dogs piss ? The taxpayers who subsidized you are curious . . . >

    There's an old saying in the collection business " If you're gonna be a thief, make sure you can retire from it".

    So since you've got all the answers, why are you even asking the question?

    So how are you supporting yourself? eventually, it will catch up with you it's your obligation to pay it 10 years - it's not going away.....ever

    THERE ARE SEVERAL ANSWERS TO THIS QUESTION. First we need to know what country you reside in. When we have that, I can give you the true legal answer.

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