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Payday Loan in Rhode Island

    I live in the state of Ohio... I got my state taxes back and now I checked the status of my federal return, and this is what it says.... "Your refund may be reduced to pay a past due obligation such as child support, another federal agency debt, or state income tax. If this applies to you, the Financial Management Service, who issues IRS refunds, will send you a notice informing you of any offset they have made. The details of the debt are not provided to the IRS. Please do not call us to inquire about the details because we will not be able to answer your questions. Instead, direct any questions you have about the offset or debt to the agency identified on the notice." I dont owe child support and I got my state taxes back... so it must be my school loan ( which yes, is defaulted ) :( Is there a low to how much they can take? Or are they going to take it all? Im so sad!!!!!!

    Standard message. IRS is letting you know that if you are in default of a student loan etc IRS will offset the refund to the debt. The amount of you whole refund would be offset. If it overpays, then the reminder would be refunded to you. To find out if you your refund is going to be offset call 1-800-304-3107, you will be able to find out if your refund would be offset and how much.

    This just happen to my daughter. The full amount of the defaulted student loan was taken from her refund. They can take it all and if you still have a balance and don't pay it off they can take the rest next year. My daughter was sad to. Being a single mom you always have plans for your refund, but like I told her, that is one bill that is no longer hanging over her head.

    They can take out whatever you owe. If your tax refund is $1500 and you owe $1400, they'll send $1400 to the school and send you back the remaining $100.

    They will take either the amount that you owe Rhode Island the all of it, whichever is less. If you owe more than the amount of the refund, then they will take the entire refund. If you owe less than the amount of the refund, then they will take only the amount that you owe, and send you the rest.

    I be attentive to they're going to take all or a number of your refund in case you have an offset. You the two could desire to call the IRS to confirm if the two of you have an offset on your taxes. in that case i believe there's a fashion for the guy who does not have an offset to state he/she does not choose their component of the refund taken to pay the different individual's debt. yet verify with somebody with greater tax understanding.

    If your refund is more than what you owe on your student loan, you will get the difference. If your student loan is greater, they will take all of your refund, and you will owe that much less on your student loan.

    They can take it all, up to the amount you owe including any penalties and interest that have accrued.

    My sister had this happen to her, they can only take the principal of the loan, not interest or things like that

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