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    You can go to a credit union, or you can go to a bank. Just tell them that you need a car loan, and you will fill out an application. They may want proof of purchase depending on the bank/credit union. They will give you a check for the amount you were awarded and you can either cash it or deposit it into your bank account. Then you pay for the vehicle from the individual. You will then pay off the car loan with whoever you used. When you apply -- the bank or credit union will walk you through every particular!

    The most common minimum income requirement from banks is $1500.00 They will require a certain amount of time on the job as well. With an over 800 credit score you can try this: rate will depend on the loan circumstances. In addition, certified pre-owned vehicles will tend to have the best rates. Hope this was precisely what you asked for, all the best RE: I'm planning to buy a car from an individual, can I get a car loan? can you tell me the process? I heard that I can get a car loan. I found a car that I liked, It costs about 10k. My credit is above 800. Is there a specific credit union I should go to to get the car loan? The closest here is Golden 1 and Schools.

    The process is the same. See your loan officer at your bank or credit union. They will check to see if the value of the car is around the value of the loan. The lender will place a lien on the title of the car, same as if you were buying it from a dealer. This way they can reposes the car if you default on the loan. The lender can require that a percentage f the vehicle be paid in cash.


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