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Payday Loan in South Carolina

    I'm in the military and I'm looking at buying my first house around $120,000, but i'm not sure how much my monthly payment would be with insurance, taxes, and the interest rate on a South Carolina loan. Does anyone know what the the average interest rate is on a South Carolina loan with excellent credit? what do you think the typical monthly payment would be at 30 years with taxes ..etc?

    In 1985, the South Carolina interest rate was set by the federal government. That was easy. Everyone knew what the rate was. Today, the rate changes every day. Sometimes more than once a day. Today's rate is apx 5.25%. You could make a rough estimate of your payments by using $8 per $1,000 being borrowed. A $100,000 loan would have $800 payments ( total) but not including utilities..

Where can i get a unsecured bad credit loan?

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    Richard Hayes
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    Curt Marvin
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    Arlie Altenwerth
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