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    I'm going to start UNLV in the fall. I'm out of work and considered Independent from my parents. On my financial aid ap it said that my EFC was $0. I was hoping to get the full $5500 in aid and then get some federal student loans to get me back on my feet right now and pay for my rent and other bills for a while. I am confused however on how this works. According to my schools website: Cost of Attendance Calculator, UNLV Based on: Academic Year: 20102011 Residency: Nevada Housing: Off Campus Student Type: Undergraduate Enrollment: Full-Time Direct Costs Amount Registration Fees (Tuition) $5,130.00 Sub Total $5,130.00 Indirect Costs Amount Room $4,550.00 Board $5,690.00 Loan Fees $80.00 Books $1,000.00 Transportation $3,230.00 Personal $1,800.00 Sub Total $16,350.00 TOTAL $21,480.00 Then in the loan section it says How much can I borrow?> The annual maximum cannot exceed the grade level limits stated here South Carolina your cost of attendance minus financial aid, whichever is less. First year undergraduates may borrow $2625, second year students may borrow $3500 and students who have completed two years may borrow $5500 per year. The maximum amount you can borrow for your undergraduate program is $23,000. Graduate students may borrow up to $8500 per year with a maximum total of $65,500 including amounts borrowed as an undergraduate. These amounts are effective for loans for which the first disbursement was made on or after 10/1/93. I would be considered to have junior status. So if I were to get the $5500 in aid (the part that doesn't need to be paid back) how much of a loan can I get? Also, when they say "per year" do they mean calendar year or school year? Also, do you know if the $5500 in aid is per year or per semester? Just trying to get some rough ideas. It's impossible to get a hold of the financial aid office lately and I haven't gotten my award letter yet so I'm just trying to plan. Any info is appreciated.

    Your school will get the full Pell grant of 5,500 per year... (half of this for the fall and the other half for spring). How much you are able to borrow depends on your dependency status and your grade level. If you are not having to report the folks income on your fafsa, then you are independent. If you have attempted more than 90 hours, you are a junior. Independent Juniors can borrow up to 12,500 a YEAR (half in the fall and half in the spring) in federal Stafford loans. If your parents income is on your fafsa, then you are dependent and your loan limits as a junior are limited to 7,500 a year. These stafford loan limit are the same regardless of how much other aid you get. So you CAN get your full 5550 Pell grant AND The full amount of your Stafford loan as well. You will be able to use the excess to help pay for rent, gas, books, and misc. items. I'm attaching a link to the graph on this Department of Education Publication for conformation of this amount. The amounts your schools website is quoting "How much can I borrow?" is by semester, not to mention old and outdated loan limits. The info I just quoted you is THIS year and here is the source DIRECTLY from a publication from the Dept of Education. see graph on page 20 Honestly, without an award letter in your hand, you have NOTHING. Better figure out what the hold up is. Be sure you do your fafsa every year in Feb or March. THIS is when you must do it to get all your stuff back in time for school to start.

    Federal Stafford loans which is the loans for studnets for the freshmen year as a independent student combined with both sub and unsub ( the two types of Federal stafford loans) is 9,500 and it goes up each year after, sorry dont remember all totals off the top of my head. There is only one lender now for Federal Stafford loans which is Direct loans, their website is www.studentloans.gov. The EFC of 0 has Max pell of 5500 however you have to be a full time student to get the max pell grant which for most schools is three classes at 5 credits per class. Each year you complete a new fafsa which will give you another pell grant. Hope that helps a little.

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  • Ally O'Connell
    Ally O'Connell
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  • Aletha Powlowski
    Aletha Powlowski
    Sorry, but the may wish likely to happen appeal for event of $90k. 'il hear is worth years now close attention job at same purpose o to that matter field. if you are experiencing $50k cash, a return the time everyone on across the line of new loan, people may almost certainly review of the $130,000-$135,000 the rates range.
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    Velma Kuhlman
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  • Marianna Mraz
    Marianna Mraz
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  • Krystina Stark
    Krystina Stark
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    Sydney Hettinger
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    Laverne Cole
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    Kyra Olson
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