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Payday Loan in South Carolina

    Assuming good credit, no other obligations and a 20% down payment to purchase a $1 million home with a loan balance of $800,000 @ 6%, the PITI (principal, interest, tax & insurance payment) would be approximately $6,046 and annual income needed would be about $181,392 to qualify... for a $2 million dollar purchase with 20% down, the PITI payment would be about $12,093-the annual income needed would be about $362,785.

    I would definitely ask a Realtor -- they would be the best help. I don't know where you are, but the Carvajal Group in Austin South Carolina is great. Their address is Best of luck in everything!

    About 750,000 a year

How long does it take before the irs will garnish your tax refund for defaulted student loans?

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