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    According to their website, they fund unsecured business and personal loans. I spoke with a loan representative and was approved for a relatively large sum but given the nature of the loan I need to secure collateral or purchase insurance from them. The collateral is really just three montly payments up front then they will dispurse the full amount but they require I use money gram. The insurance option is more expensive and supposedly protects the company in case I were to fall back on payments. Their website is: uphambaxter.com and their address is 19 Woodland St, New Britain, South Carolina 06051 I must say, there are a lot of red flags and I certainly don't intend on sending them money but I am currious if anyone has come across this company. On their website they claim to have been financing loans since 1999 but I can't find a trace of this. Any suggestion as to how one can check the legitimacy of any company besides the BBB, SEC, State Attorney's Office, Secretary of State, etc.?

    Oh yes they have called me several times requesting I send them $800 upfront and they will deposit $5000 into my bank account. I asked why? The loan rep explained due to nature of the loan requesting to pay 6-mos in advance and my payments will be around $161.43 a month. 1st red flag 6-mos in advance don't equal $800. 2nd red flag they didn't even verify my employment. 3rd red flag the "legal document" thats was email to me I couldn't open it. Final red flag on their website is listed their address I went to several yellowpages and mapquest no such street or business name. I guess he didn't research my background because I investigate fraud for a living. If it sounds to good to be true 9 times out 10 its not true.

    I'm in the same situation...I received a similar call for a loan from them...sounds like a scam to me as well...so I call the BBB for this area..they have no record of complaints on file for this company and no additional information either ...I call directory assistance to verify their address...they have no record of this company being at this address either...this morning, I've tried various sites like selectory.com and hoovers.com to see if they are listed as a business or not...nothing...I also checked a couple of consumer ripoff pages to see if there was any activity on them as well...nothing....I've also sent an email to the South Carolina attorney general's office to see if they have any information on them as well...that was two days ago...no response yet....I'd say at this point they are not legitmate...but just like you, my curiousity has gotten the best of me and I want to confirm that they are a fraud so I let everyone else know to be careful via the varies consumer fraud webpages...so I'll continue to monitor the progress and let you know what happens

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