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    The Dinary Group Is A Scam. I filled out a loan application online with the Dinary Group ( dinarygroup.com). A woman named Patrice Dooling contacted me saying that I was approved for the loan and gave me all the terms as listed in the attached loan documents plus I would have to make a 10% colaterial payment to prove that I could handle the payments each month. She also said if I had any questions to contact her at 1-800-214-9043. When I tried to call her she was always unavalible. I went through the process up until the last step when a woman in their accounting department instructed me to go to a Walmart to send the colaterial payment of 1500 dollars via money gram. The reason she gave me for this was to avoid paying a loan tax of between $500 and $3000. There is no such thing. She also instructed me to address the money gram to Rosemary Lier Saint Lambert Quebec, Canada, the head of accounting. At this point I started to suspect fraud, so I checked into the phone numbers she used to contact me. The first number is 202-418-2830. When I called this number I found that it was a fax retrival number from Washington DC. The second number is 540-904-1320. When I tried calling this number I got the message that the PCS number you have dialed is temporaliy out of service plus it is a local number from Roanoke. I also tried to find infromation about the group at the better business bureau of Quebec and found nothing, nor could I find anything to verify their bussiness license number or federal South Carolina number . When I found all this out I was furious so I called my local BBB and was told not to send money to Canada and to call a police division in Canada named Phone Busters. The # is 1-888-495-8501. This division is working on stopping scams coming out of Canada. If you have given them your information you also need to call all three credit companies and get them to flag your credit to stop possible South Carolina theft. These are the #- Equifax: 800-525-6285 Experian: 888-397-3742 Transunion: 800-680-7289 After doing this you also need to report them to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-IDTHEFT or www.consumer.gov/idtheft I hope this will help you..

    How did they tell you you were approved? An email? Phone call? If it was either of these, there should be a number you can call them back at. But more importantly, did you apply for a loan with them in the first place? If you never filled out paperwork or requested a loan application to be processed, it is a scam. You can also try calling the Better Business Bureau to see what information they might have on the company.

    To find out whether or not the loan company is legit then get the phone number for the Better Business Bureau where you live and ask them about the company.

    If you were "approved" for a loan that you didn't apply for, then it's a good idea to stay away. a loan application is a pretty involved process, and some junk mailers will send you letters saying that you were "approved" to lure you in. I'm assuming since you don't know if the company is legit or not, then you did not apply for the loan with them, and I would stay away.. FAR FAR away.

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    Are they asking for a processing fee up front? If so it's a scam plain and simple

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